Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Disconnect & Reconnect – a year long project by Sue Tebble.

January the 2nd saw Sue Tebble take her first shot of the beautiful sunset at Sea Pauling, we re-posted this photo on our Instagram (see first photo below) and this inspired Sue to get herself a good camera and spend the rest of the year taking sunset shots. She used this project to reconnect with nature and feel more at peace, having suffered with seasonal depression for many years. This year she was determined not to go to the Drs. but to use the beauty of nature to heal instead. Each photo has the date, time of sunset and a brief description of how she was feeling that day and how nature was helping.
One in four of us suffer mental health problems at some point in our lives and Sue hopes this project will go some way to shifting the stigma related to it. She also runs a music group called Mind The Gap which uses music to promote well being.
Sue uses no editing software on her photos and has published them as a calendar to go on sale on October 10th, which is World Mental Health Awareness Day. 
This stunning calendar would make fabulous gifts for all the Norfolkians who love our county, and let's face it that's all of us!

For more details contact Sue on or 07811155733 



Friday, 9 September 2016

Dr. Martens Marble Collection

I was invited to style an item from the Dr. Martens new marble collection, if you haven't already noticed marble is everywhere right now, from fashion to home wares to nails. Marble is so chic and I've recently been to the capitol of chic, Paris, so I wanted to create an outfit that reflected this. Yesterday was a scorcher so I went with a crisp white shirt (never out of fashion as far as I'm concerned) black shorts and white sandals. If you know me you know I'm usually always in black with a hint of white so this was a nice change and I felt a little St.Tropez dahling! Ray Bans finished the look and a gold necklace to accent the rims. I got lots of compliments on the bag throughout the day and it's great quality as you'd expect from DM's, this bag is very versatile and I think we'll become great friends!

Massive thanks to Kerry Curl for the photography and the laughs.



Friday, 2 September 2016

All Bar One

Amber and I were invited to sample the new menu at the newly renovated All Bar One, Norwich. We booked a table for Friday at 7.30pm, this seemed like a good time to see the venue in action, lots of after works drinks and dates happening for us to gawp on whilst we perused the menu. We went straight into he summer cocktail menu for a daiquiri and a mojito (both good), we both ordered a vege burger with different toppings, there was a good variety to pick from. The cocktails went down very nicely so we ordered a pot of rhubarb and custard Collins...erm amazing!! the food arrived and the burgers which were good as were the sweet potato fries. Amber went for a slated caramel cheesecake for dessert, I had to try too, you know, its about teamwork. All in all we had a great evening, the decor is stunning, the staff are very helpful and we enjoyed the buzz of a warm summer night in the city.
(excuse the bad photos I forgot my camera)



Thursday, 21 July 2016

Coach and Horses Thorpe Road

The Coach and Horses on Thorpe Road is a proper pub, with a traditional wooden interior and its very own Chalk Hill Brewery  on site! The beers they produce are a real hit and you can book tours to go and have a look and learn more about what them.

The menu is EXTENSIVE.... If you are indecisive then you need to allow yourself plenty of time to choose, eventually we went for the wedges with veggie chilli and a portobello mushroom and halloumi burger (with skin on chips)

The food arrived quickly and tasted great, personally I think they do the best chips in Norwich! Coincidentally I was talking with a friend a week earlier about how Norwich doesn't really have many pubs you can go go have food at anymore and how we have become a city of bars, restaurants and pop ups but we were wrong THIS IS IT... If you want to go to a great welcoming pub with delicious home cooked food and beer brewed on site The Coach is for you!


Friday, 15 July 2016

The Norwich Gift Emporium

I've been meaning to catch up with the guys at The Norwich Gift Emporium for a while now and I was not disappointed when I did, there is literally something for everyone in the cosy Norwich Lanes shop.

I was greeted by Sarah who explained the ethos of the shop was to support and showcase local makers and crafters, herself a local maker (of really cute crotchet cacti) Norwich Gift Emporium gives a platform to sell which wouldn't otherwise be there for independent makers.

Of course I loved the cacti 'Pot Pals' that Sarah makes, I can certainly think of a few people who might get those for Christmas (did I really just say the C word) I also adored the lampshades by Marianna Ley.

Not content with selling, The Norwich Gift Emporium also runs lots of workshops, from Crotchet, Lino Cutting and Doll Making!



Thursday, 7 July 2016

Mr Postles Apothecary

Mr Postles Apothecary is located in the heart of Tombland just over the road from our glorious Cathedral, well known for it's extensive and quirky cocktail list (which I may or may not have sampled several times in the past) Mr Postle's has now upped it's game in the food stakes!

Under new management and with a new chef team who were previously at No 79 on Unthank Road where we ate last summer, I knew it was going to be good and was excited to see what they had to offer! Being a vegetarian it is always a pleasant surprise to see a menu with something different, and the veggie selection here was amazing we went for olives, hummus, a halloumi filo parcel, gnocchi with a beetroot aioli and brie wedges! Beautifully served and super delicious, my favourite was the gnocchi with beetroot aioli!

With lots of little dishes divided into Meat, Fish, Veggie and Cheese it is the perfect menu for ordering and grazing with friends whilst enjoying a drink or two. For those of you who do not like to share food (we totally get that!) there is more substantial offerings and I think I will definitely be back to try the Halloumi hanging kebab!

Of course we tried a cocktail, a classic long island ice tea topped with dry ice for me, and a Hollywood long island ice tea topped with Prosecco for the husband! He loved his, but I was definitely more keen on the classic, I only had one but could easily sip on those allllll afternoon!


Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Dust With Cocoa

I was very excited when there was a knock on the door Friday, it wasn't the postman it was a delivery of 'Posh Brownies' by Dust with Cocoa. What a treat! I couldn't wait to open them, I could already smell how delicious they were through the box. I was't disappointed with how they looked either, two senses for the taste...DELICIOUS! My kids agreed they were top notch brownies as they each devoured one in a matter of minutes. Dust With Cocoa not only deliver edible parcels but they make some of the most fantastical wedding cakes I have ever seen, so romantic and down to earth, I've added a few pics below but there are many many more on the website for you to lust over, you can see the passion for baking oozing out of these cakes like the frosting...oh, sorry have I made you peckish?!

all photos from DWC just because they're so beautiful.

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