Sunday, 25 May 2014

A Brew With a View

Sunday! Possibly my favourite day of the week, a day for chilling out and visiting more Norwich hot spots. Today's Choice is The Sir Garnet brought back from the dead by the same people who also gave The Birdcage a new on lease of life all those years ago.

The Garnet as it is known by regulars is set to the side of the iconic Norwich market, the view from the window really is something special all those colourful market rooftops!

The Garnet is a free house so stock a wide range of drinks, definitely somewhere for you connoisseurs. The food is all locally sourced with the majority of it coming from the market next door. How fabulous is that! You will be served with a smile and staff are happy to chat about the rich history of the pub.

Feeling slightly delicate today we went for a fruit beer and a diet coke


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