Saturday, 24 May 2014

Chips & Cocktails

It wouldn't be right to start the food & drink section of this blog off without telling you about our favourite place to eat and the pub you can usually find us lurking in, oh and did I mention you can take the food from one and eat it with a drink from the other!! Uh huh that is right, The Birdcage and The Grosvenor  are both excellent in their own right but together... What a dreamy combination! 

So Let's start with The Grosvenor which is absolutely not your average chippy the menu is fun and delicious, everyone who works there is friendly and welcoming what's not to like!?

The lovely ladies who served us today 
Some of the delicious food
Pop Art and Fish
A secret underground bunker for you to scoff your chips in

The Grosvenor are clearly getting it right being the number one place to eat on Trip Advisor! 

Directly opposite is The Birdcage should you choose to take the few steps over the road like we did and have on many occasions you will be met by this beast (Mauraud).

Don't be fooled by his cute face he really only wants you for your chips

The Birdcage is really rather pretty. Regularly showcasing local talent from art to music, they kinda have it all!

Our cocktails today were 'Moloko' and 'Runaway' (or it could have been Rumaway) so while I cannot be sure of the name I am sure they were super delicious and equally as important they looked great! 




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