Sunday, 25 May 2014

Chris 'Migs' Mickleburgh- Local Artist Showcase

We shall be shouting about local art just as loud as all the other great things about Norwich, starting off with Migs. Migs studied Fine Art at the University for the Arts in our fine city, he produces beautiful works using a dotwork technique.
here he is in front of one of his designs

A personal favourite of mine is the bear, the fur is so fluid and lifelike which is amazing since it's made up of tiny dots and pen strokes.The skill and patience that goes into these works is incredible, they take anything from 20-30 hours each!!!
Using dotwork allows Migs to produce such depth in his drawings, his recent works of animals have been stunning and I can't wait to see his next offering for our eyes!

A toucan of our appreciation to you Migs! (couldn't resist)

If you would like to have these stunning works on your walls or your bodies, well you're in luck as you can buy things


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