Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Franks Platter & More Cocktails...

You might start to notice something about us 'Life in a Fine City' girls, we love cocktails! We had a super busy day which you will get to read about in all the exciting posts we have in the pipeline soon. To ease our weary feet (absolutely not dramatic in the slightest) we stopped off in another fav place Franks Bar.

Franks is super cool, cute and cosy all at the same time, located on the quaint cobbled Bedford Street, ladies a word of advice cocktails and heels are a dangerous combination on these cobbles!

We were restrained and just had one cocktail each, I went for a 'Bramble' a fruity berry'ish gin type affair while Ruth went for a 'Negroni' something that looked cool and sophisticated and wouldn't look out of place in a James Bond movie. The Bramble was light and refreshing and very easy to drink (quickly), whilst the 'Negroni' was deep and aromatic definitely more of a sipping drink. All this work had left us rather peckish and we teamed our cocktails with a 'Franks Platter' an absolute steal at £5.50 for 2 people (£4.00 for one) it came with pretty much a whole loaf of gorgeous fresh bread, olives, hummus and balsamic with oil. We devoured the lot in record time and looking at the pics can you blame us?

Not only will the staff serve you amazing food & drink but when you leave a box containing your wedding dress they will run up the road after you! Excellent service!

Franks we will be back soon...



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