Thursday, 29 May 2014

Halfway - Second Year NUA illustration Students Exhibition

I was very pleased to see another exhibition in the delightful St.Margerets church on St.Benedicts Street in Norwich. I love a good exhibition as much as I love a well utilised church!

St.Margrets has played host to many art exhibitions and it's open space and high ceilings are a perfect vessel for any artist to display their work. The current Halfway exhibition has been organised by the Illustration students at NUA, these will be exhibiting next year at their degree show so this has been a good experience for them. NUA is renowned for its illustration course and it's easy to see why.

Ryan Vautier invited guests to involve themselves in live print demonstrations at the private view, he was there yesterday too offering mono-printing....get involved!!!

Jessie Whitehead 'The Doll Games'

I enjoyed seeing portraits intertwined with local buildings by Jessie Whitehead, it was fun to recognise the train station and other landmark buildings. Quite a few students had used the rich history of Norwich to base their work on, I really liked Kate Bryan's screen prints using the Castle's ancient Medieval graffiti....

Kate Bryan 'Cathedral Graffiti'

Anna Povey explored the ordinary being precious in her colourful work using ceramics, they are too cute!

Anna Povey 'Precious'

This exhibition has something for everyone, I love, love, loved Sarah Thornton's tiny replicas of buildings, the attention to detail was amazing and I wanted to be in them like Beetlejuice!

Sarah Thornton 'Little'

Illustration uses such a broad range of media, this exhibit shows perfectly just how versatile an illustrators work can be. Lacey Law wowed me with her enormous lino-print, that must have taken some time to cut, I was amazed, here's some detail below but you really need to see it for yourselves. This exhibit runs until Saturday so get down soon, there are prints for sale and lots of lovely students to talk to too! 

Lacey Law 'The Protection of Boddhisattva'




  1. I'm exiled in Spain ATM, the sunshine is lovely but I wish I were back in Norwich and could come to some of these wonderful exhibitons!

  2. I am very excited for this exhibition. Paintings are very nice especially the paintings imaging girls look nice.


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