Friday, 30 May 2014

Norfolk Bakes (really good cakes!)

A month or so ago over on my personal Instagram account I noticed people sharing some photo's of the most amazing looking cakes. It turned out these were made by Emma over at Norfolk Bakes.

We interviewed the lovely Emma and this is what she had to say...

"I've always loved baking and my love for it comes from my Nan. 
I started Norfolk bakes as a way of sharing what I bake with others. I joined Instagram a few years ago and have always shared what I bake on there with the people who follow me. After a while I had requests from people wanting to buy what I had made. So in March 2014 Norfolk bakes was born. I wanted to keep things simple and let what I bake speak for it's self. I want it to be seasonal and made using local ingredients. Everything I make is using Norfolk products where ever possible. The flour, eggs, chocolate and fruits all come from Norfolk.

I thought the best way to celebrate Norfolk's seasonality was to do packages contains delicious bakes and homemade products.
My first package was for Easter and contained most things you would associate with that time of year. Freshly baked hot cross buns, traditional Easter biscuits and vanilla short bread bunnies.

So this is it, my newest package is the Father's Day package. It contains Bounty brownies, a gooey chocolate brownies topped with a coconut macaroon layer and drizzled with milk chocolate, Peanut brittle, Chocolate chunk cookies and Snickers popcorn. Which is Home popped popcorn with a homemade caramel sauce, salted peanuts, chopped snickers bars and more milk chocolate! All packaged up and ready to give to any man (or whoever you choose) for Father's Day, and for £12 including delivery it's an affordable homage gift that certainly is worth sharing."

I think we can all agree the cakes and bakes Emma produces really do look delicious and if you check her Instagram out you will see even more baking delights and picture of how beautifully she packages the treats.  

Emma's Username over on Instagram is @emma____bakes 
She currently doesn't have a website and prefers the image based element of Instagram but you can contact her by email 

We hope to feature Norfolk Bakes again in the future when Emma launches the next seasonal box! 


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