Friday, 23 May 2014

NUA Fashion Graduate show 21.5.14

Wow what a show! These students have clearly been working so hard, the collections were stunning and showed great skill. The models were fierce and the backing tracks rocked. I loved Jessica Long's punky Britannica collection, reminiscent of early Westwood. Long teamed tartans, braces and knee high tube socks finished with big boots of course!

Rutendo Kamupira wowed us with face visors! Neon trims and chalky pastel legs perfectly balanced the white pvc clothes. The future is bright!

Dani Mason was a favourite of mine, the sheer skirts, ruffles and long capes were to die for. Round sunglasses were on point and the Biba style print gave off a Bond villain vibe.




  1. Aww what a lovely review, thank you! :)
    I'm Dani, and Jessica & Rutendo are good friends of mine, I'll be sure to let them know too!

    1. Thanks Dani, the show was amazing! Looking forward to seeing what you do next! x


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