Saturday, 24 May 2014

Philip Browne- menswear extraordinaire

We've told you our favourite place to eat and drink so now our favourite shop...Philip Browne..we love you!
What a gorgeous array of clothes from Adidas Originals to Barbour, our only wish is a girls section, boohoo!
That aside, you will always be greeted by a stylish helper with your needs as their priority. Philip we applaud you, not only do you have the best clothes shop in town but a tattoo shop on the first floor to boot (more to come on this later).

How can it be this good? I know right! More coming soon with these great this space...



  1. Thanks for this Ruthless. Come by and say hello soon!

  2. We will be in soon to find out your key for looks this season (accessorized with wellies or sunglasses for our summer ahead!!) x


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