Monday, 26 May 2014

The Fur & Feathers - Woodbastwick

Good Afternoon (or whatever time of day you are reading this) I hadn't planned on writing anything today but sitting outside The Fur & Feathers Inn for the second time in as many days I thought well, why not!

I hadn't heard about this gem of a pub until recently and didn't manage to get there until I 'finally' passed my driving test and got a car. It takes abut 20 minutes from Norwich City Centre and is in the teeny tiny village of Woodbastwick (near Salhouse).
The beautiful thatched roof pub from across the mini duck pond

It appears this pub is pretty well known and is connected (like next door) to the Woodfordes brewery. I'm not a beer or ale kind of girl but I am assured the ales are a dream if you like that kind of thing. What I do like is food and sadly my camera was out of battery when we ate on Saturday but it is pretty immense. the menu is proper food with something for everyone, a real friendly pub which you could visit with friends or family. It is also worthwhile noting there is loads of parking and outdoor tables (great!) you probably need to book a table in advance if you are wishing to eat as it gets very busy.

Being designated driver I had a J2O but the Ale is Woodfordes 'Bure Gold' and is very tasty I am told

We didn't stop for food today and made our way back to Norwich, stopping first at a pub on Thorpe Road, the menu didn't look very appetising and we heard a couple on another table complain so gave it a miss and moved on down to Coach & Horses  on Thorpe Road, Shockingly we got a parking space easily (getting out not so easy)! The Coach and Horses is another real ale pub and the boy had a Redwell ale/ that looked like a lager, I again had a J2O, we both had amazing  BBQ burgers but were too excited and forgot to take pictures, we will be back for a proper review soon.

So another fine day in our fine city and just outside, hope everyone else has enjoyed the lovely sunshine



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