Monday, 30 June 2014

Laugh in the Park 2014 - July 24th-27th

It's that time of year again when Norwich practically comes alive with events and fun things to do. Another to add to the 'To Do' list is the annual 'Laugh in the Park' held in Chapelfield Gardens from Thursday 24th until Sunday 27th July - you can buy tickets Here prices from £15.00-£17.50

Gates open from 6pm everyday and shows start at 8pm, bar open from 6pm with food available throughout. With great acts including Jollyboat, Kate Lucas, Jeff Innocent and a special mystery tv star headlining the Thursday show it is set to be a great weekend. 


Friday, 27 June 2014

The Norwich Lanes Summer Fayre - Sunday 6th July 2014

Who doesn't love a wander down the famous Norwich Lanes, with many of our favourite places to eat, drink and shop being located down these quirky streets. We are quickly approaching one of our favourite events of the year The Norwich Lanes Summer Fayre you can expect music, entertainment, street food and lots of exciting stalls lining the streets. An estimated 15,000 people attended last years event and this one is all set to be bigger and better than ever! 

The Lanes Fayre really is everything we love about this Fine City, and we will both be there with our camera hoping to get some great pictures for our new street style section, so dress up and look out for us on the day. 



Dr. Martens Store Party

Wednesday night we were invited to an in-store event at the Dr.Martens store on Cattle Street. If you haven't been in to have a look at this glorious shop then you need to get yourself in there ASAP! The store is immaculate and not only does it stock the classic styles we all know and love, but also new designs and clothing and handbags too.

The history of Dr.Martens is embraced in the shop with old photos of British styles like Mods, Skins and Rockers, the whole place just reeks of cool! There's a sweet jukebox and a super comfy Chesterfield sofa for you to try on your new Docs. 

The event on Wednesday was a promotional event with 15% off for the duration, there was music from local bands Box of Light and Other Half and free beer from Pistonhead Lager. There was a raffle to win a pair of Docs, and we all had fun taking pictures with the photo booth, the photos are instant and also emailed to you.

We all had a great time at this event, I thought it was a great idea and would like to see more of this sort of event in our beloved Norwich. The Dr.Martens motto is 'Stand for Something', and I am personally standing for all those guys who are getting out there and making things happen in our fine city. 



Thursday, 26 June 2014

Ella Goodwin Illustrator - Local Artist Showcase

Ella Goodwin grew up as an only child in various different countries. Initially working as a costume maker and digital embroiderer until moving into animation and character design. Once you have met Ella it is clear that her influences show not only in her amazing illustrations but through to what she wears and even her pink car! 

Ella Goodwin with her famous 'Percy' cat design 
Ella studied Animation and Graphic Design to a Masters Level at NUA. Since graduation she has designed and illustrated iPad Apps, Children's educational materials, animated sites for education, museums, galleries, bands and entertainers alongside teaching part time.

We love the way this picture appears to pop off the page

The last couple of years has seen Ella focus on illustration with her passion for visual storytelling and whimsical illustration often highly detailed using traditional and digital mediums.

Ella says...

Apart from the obvious feline and craft themes much of the work is based around the power of making and doing for freedom, change and wellbeing as well as being heavily influenced by travel, Japanese culture and fairytales. An upcoming second trip to Japan in September is sure to inspire new directions too… cannot wait!

"I live, make and illustrate in a kitsch filled nook with my husband, son and two immensely fluffy raccoon tailed cats in Norwich and dream of having a Wendy House.   *sigh *"

Ella is a very busy lady and you catch her at the following 


Willow Gallery, Framingham Earl, Norwich. (now until 15th July)

Llwewellyn Alexander (Fine Paintings) Ltd
124 -126 The Cut, London
I shall be contributing 3 new original paintings to this.

Are You a Free Spirit – Sat 13th September – The Forum, Norwich. (there will be flying cats in this one ☺ )

House CafĂ©, Norwich - November 9th to the 7th December , solo exhibition inspired by local fairytales and food 

and at the following Craft Fairs

Sunday 29th June – Owl Sanctuary Bar Boot Sale – a new monthly art and craft fair which I will do as often as I can. This one could really grow as a great alternative market for Norwich so I hope people will get behind it and support it J

Renegade London – 22/23rd November (hopefully provided I am accepted, I was last year so fingers crossed!)

Various local Autumn and Christmas markets such as Norwich Makers Market and Clutter City.

I generally discount my prices a little at markets so come along and grab yourself a bargain!

And if you can't make it to any of the above fairs you can buy Ellas work from:

Ella Goodwin Etsy Shop or popping into The Norwich Gift Emporium situated on Lower Goat Lane



Monday, 23 June 2014

Flux - An exhibition by City College Students

Saturday night was the private view of another exhibition, and of course I was there! This is a joint show between two groups of students, Access to HE Art and Design and FDA Arts and Wellbeing. The show is on until Thursday and is open from 10am-5pm at Stew gallery on Fishergate which is just off Magadalen St. You can check out the venue here..

Salik Miller's screen-printed typography

There's such an array of media in this show, it's great to see how broad art can be, there's everything from installations to sculpture to photo montage. I enjoyed Salik Miller's use of process colours overlaid to create a 3D effect on his typography pieces. 

Ben Rossi's fashion installation

I thought Rossi's bike hanger was ingenious and looked great, his work focuses on the word 'defunct' and he wanted to create fashion with that in mind, I think he's certainly succeeded in producing marketable garments.

Emma Arnold's peep show

I was stunned by Emma Arnold's original and thought provoking interactive sculpture on body image, when you peep through the drain cover you see bodies and underneath is written what that person thinks of their body and also how they think they are perceived. She won an award on the night and it was well deserved.

James Ayre's photomonatge

Wow, James Ayre's photomontages are a mix of photo, collage and pencil drawings, there are four on display and they are all amazing. The one above depicts St.Stephens underpass abandoned and derelict in a post war aftermath.
There are many more exciting things for you to see and be inspired by at this exhibition, go take a look and tag us in your Instagram pictures of your favourite pieces.



Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Grid - An Exhibition by Tazelaar Stevenson

You'd be forgiven for not having been to the two independent galleries on St.Augustines street before, but now you have no excuses. Yallops and Nuns Yard are a few doors down from each other, Yallops is the bigger of the two and is a beautifully restored Victorian shop premises. Showing now is an amazing exhibition by Tazelaar Stevenson, I went to the private view last night and the exhibition now runs until Sunday, it is open from 11am-3pm. The work on show is a mix of screen-prints, pen drawings and carefully constructed cut-outs. I couldn't believe the precision that has gone into this work, it is truly stunning.

The bare plaster walls in the front room of Yallops are a perfect backdrop for the muted tones of the geometric drawings and prints, the pictures are hung to absolute perfection, not a millimetre out! This all combines nicely to create a calming experience, you simply can't fault it.

In the back room things get darker and also brighter, contradictory I know! The back room having not much natural light is a different experience entirely, the work is lit by spotlights which gives the pieces in here the impression of being back-lit, they almost glow. 

Two screen-prints hung side by side

Taz's screen-prints are amazing, I tried to work out how many layers he'd used but gave up and just admired the work. Have a closer look, or better still go get all up in it's face for real.

ready for your close up?

I can't stress how great it is to have so many talented artists in our fine city and it is important to support them, especially when they've put in so much effort to produce a wonderful exhibition like this. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, do check out the Flatwork exhibition in Nuns Yard too, there are things you can buy and it has some more amazing art.



Monday, 16 June 2014

Norfolk Veg Box

I'm pretty sUre you have noticed how hot it has been this past week, summer really crept up on us and with this heat comes the inevitable... The need to wear less clothes! What has this got to do with Norfolk Veg Box??? Well if you are anything like me you are now in a panic ridden state embarking on your 'bikini diet' (don't worry I won't be donning mine quite yet!)

It was this healthy eating regime that first kinda brought me to discovering Norfolk Veg Box, I had heard of a couple of other veg delivery boxes but they aren't local and I was always quite keen to champion the use of the market and local greengrocers!

So when I discovered Norfolk Veg Box obviously I was super keen to share this with the world. 

I emailed NVB and spoke with the lovely Chrissi, it is great to speak to someone who is so passionate about what they do, something which we have found to be common amongst all the local producers we have spoken to recently!

This is what Chrissi had to say...

"Here at Norfolk Veg Box we deliver fresh veg, salad and fruit boxes to homes and businesses throughout Norfolk. 

We are very passionate about local season produce, which is why we started by providing the season veg boxes. 
As we grew we found customers also wanted salads and fruits and so we grew our list. In order to provide a complete service we do source some items (like bananas) from further a field and anything which is not local is clearly marked on our produce list. 

How it works - we have set delivery days for certain areas. this ensures we keep our routes to a minimum, delivery can be provided free and we remain eco friendly too! So each area will have a set day. 

On a Friday we send out our box and produce list to all our customers and anyone who is interested and signed up for our newsletter. We also post it on Facebook and a link on Twitter too. We do one each week as our boxes and produce list change with the weather (quite literally) 

To order -  all people have to do is send us a message with their order, address and contact number - and we do the rest! 
The order can come through Twitter, , Facebook email or on occasions by phone. 

Our customers can either choose a set box or boxes. They can have a set box and add additional items or they can send us a list of items and we provide them with a custom box. 

We deliver on their set day, if they are not in we are happy to leave their box in a safe place or with a neighbour. Payment is really easy to! It is either cash on delivery or we print bank details on their invoice - they can pay us direct after their box is received and our regular customers set up standing orders so they don't even have to think about it. 

So overall - it is an easy service to use. 

As well as fruit and veg we are keen to work with any local producers and foodies to promote and sell their products with our boxes. This week we are adding Big Skies Food Companies salted Peanut and Chilli Brittle (which is beautiful) and we have some other new ones joining us over the next few weeks. In essence our focus is Fresh, local produce and local food as a whole. Other local producers we work with are Fieldings Cottage and Yare Valley Oils - both are popular with our customers. We would love to hear from any local producers who would like to see their products in our boxes!"

Chrissi kindly sent us a box to try it was filled with lovely fresh veg, our particular fav was the asparagus which we had with dippy poached eggs! I have tried to photograph the box we had not quite as well the great pictures NVB sent over! 

A great box which I would thoroughly recommend to everyone, we will definitely be ordering more! 


Sunday, 15 June 2014

Indigo Tattoo Studio Art Exhibition

What a busy weekend for us and everyone at Indigo Tattoo Studio, it started on Friday with a private view of Indigo's latest art exhibition. All of the Indigo team have produced artwork for this show, it was a pleasure to see all the different styles of work from this talented bunch. The shop reception is available as a free exhibition space, you can enquire about this by emailing the shop. Have a click here for details

Holly West's gorgeous girls

I loved Holly West's hanging ladies, the composition of the curvy girls painted on the circular wood are very pleasing for the eye, I think the fact that these pieces aren't static adds a nice flowing earthy element to the work.

Breathtaking sculpture by Heather Gee

Heather Gee's impressive life size skeleton sculpture is simply stunning, it is worth going to have a good look as this picture does it no justice! It is great to see how talented these artists are not only in their field of tattooing but also in their other practices.

Lacey Law's beautiful bird triptych

There's loads more for you to go and see, I've only included a few photos so as not to spoil it for you. The Indigo team are all super nice and will be happy to chat to you about the work, or indeed any tattoo or piercing you might have been thinking about getting! Let us know your favourite pieces please, we love to hear about what you do too!



Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Local Artist Showcase - Joel Benjamin

Joel Benjamin is originally from Suffolk but he made the awesome decision to reside in our beautiful Norwich! Joel works as a freelance illustrator and his clients include Smash Skates, Monorex and Coco Cola. His works are mixed media and are comprised of pen, watercolour and digital colouring. The finished pieces are effortlessly cool, but I'm sure they weren't effortless to produce!

here he is working hard!

Joel's portraits are stunning and the use of one colour in tones gives them a futuristic, pop, comic book feel, in fact Joel is embarking on a project to produce his first comic book with an independent writer in Qatar.

Joel has completed a few zines himself so this new comic book project must be as exciting for him as it is for us! If you'd like to check out more of his work or indeed purchase yourself some stunning timeless work have a click here I personally love his 'Gurls' portraits, the women are edgy and chic, very Tarantino.



Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Wensum End Of Year Art Show

The Foundation students at Wensum Lodge have been working hard since last September, the Foundation course is an intensive year of art and finding your way. Students start off doing group activities, they then have a stage in which a pathway is chosen, after this they complete their final pieces, which you can go and see for the next few days. The exhibition is running today, Thursday and Friday. I went to the private view last night and here are a few of the things you can have a gander at.

Chloe Smith's thought provoking sculpture

Lily Saville's gorgeous ceramics

close up of Evie Francis' beautiful textile print

The exhibition has a main room but also continues in the Wensum Lodge reception, check it all out and why not pick up a brochure at the same time, they have a vast array of Adult Education courses, from languages to jewellery making.



Monday, 9 June 2014

WhiteNoise 1-3rd August 2014

WhiteNoise is East Anglia's largest VW and music festival. It all started in 2001 and is a family run annual event organised by VW owners who are passionate about VW's, camping and music! 

 Held over 3 days 1st,2nd and 3rd August 2014 at a new venue this year the beautiful Euston Park near Thetford You will be in for a treat with live music from Killamonjambo, Myles Sanko, Kasabian Tribute, Goldstar, Juke & the All Drunk Orchestra and Soul in the Fine City and Skalypso DJ's! 

Art installations from Fantastical Contraptions, a live circus performance from Lost in Translation, free roller skating for all and a plethora of VW's ancient and eclectic on display it's a ‘must visit’ this summer.

With 100+ trade stalls, luxury bell tents for hire, delicious selection of street food and real ales to sup plus free yoga and crafts for children; there’s plenty of reasons it attracts 10,000 visitors.
Camp for the weekend, from £35, or come for the day, £10 per 

A special thanks to Charlie Abbott for the use of these beautiful images!

We hope to see some of you there



Friday, 6 June 2014

The House of Handmade

The House of Handmade is a small fashion label set up by Emma Bosanko creating vintage inspired accessories from a little craft space in Norwich.

Inspired by key accessories over the last century and  interpreting them for a modern wardrobe. Their faux fur stoles have been most popular having been featured in Make & Believe Magazine, the L’oreal Paris USA website and sold internationally. 

We Asked the lovely Emma what makes her products so bloody lovely and where you can get your hands on them!

"It started in 2012 with an autumn/winter collection of reproduction 1920s/30s stoles which were made from faux fur fabrics. I’d spotted a trend linked to luxe fabrics and vintage style which was popular in film and media, such as Boardwalk Empire and The Great Gatsby. This has expanded and now I sell faux fur stoles and collars through my Etsy UK Shop and Website.

This year I’ve also been working on a spring/summer collection of peter pan collars (given their name by Maude Adams who wore them originally in a 1905 production of Peter Pan) using chintzy floral cotton and covered in silk flowers. I was recently commissioned by national craft mag ‘Mollie Makes Magazine’ to write a tutorial article explaining how to make our Cherry Blossom Collar which featured in their April Issue and was available nationwide. The article also featured photographs by Norwich Photographer Rekha Garton and local model Ginger Koneko.

I sell everything through my Etsy UK store  and attend handmade markets every year to sell my work, more recently at Clutter City in Norwich Arts Centre and The Assembly House. I’m hoping to start to sell my wares at some London markets soon too, I’d love to sell at Renegade Handmade Fair at the Truman Brewery having visited last year and seen Norwich Brands Ecclectic Eccentricity and Ella Goodwin Illustration do so well!"

Emma is a real inspiration building up her business and promoting local fashion, she uses the stunning Norwich model Ginger Koneko who is on all photos in this post (and who we are hoping to maybe involve in some photo shoots in the near future *hint hint*) and local photographer Rekha Garton I thoroughly recommend looking at her portfolio for some beautiful images. 

Looking forward to seeing The House of Handmade grow and I'm even hoping to get some kind of faux fur stole / cape for my wedding next year! A local brand we LOVE! 



Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Prim Vintage Fashion

Unless you have been living under a rock you will all know who Prim Vintage Fashion are. Prim have recently made the transition from having a shop on the super cool St Benedict's Street to launching their very own online store.

We caught up with the lovely Shona and this is what she had to say...

"Prim Vintage Fashion was born online in 2002 by myself Shona Daly at the time I lived in London. In 2008 along with my boyfriend James we made the move to Norwich and opened Prim's first boutique in The Norwich Lanes. A beautiful bright, fresh shop showcasing the finest selection of hand picked, original vintage clothing for men and women, covering all era's from 1920 through to 1990. A brilliant time was had for 6 years in the city, the shop being a much loved and celebrated part of Norwich. In April 2014 Prim closed it's shop doors to launch online so that the whole world can enjoy Prim's loveliness!" 

We asked Shona why Prim's products were so excellent, why people should buy them and where they can do so...

" Prim's products are excellent because, we have ALWAYS strived to source and sell the best in vintage; we opt for quality and style and not just because something is old, and of course, we only ever sell AUTHENTIC vintage items, we work really hard at editing out any sub-standard items so that the customers will only ever enjoy fashion that is beautiful, has a history and if they love wearing things that bring them compliments, when you wear a ress from Prim we can guarantee that you will be told how gorgeous you look! Prim is the best place to find a dress that nobody else will have ever seen! Prim now sells online and specialises in womenswear, you can find Prim by clicking here Prim  or by typing into your browser."

Visit Prim's new website now to sign up for their newsletter, which means you'll be among the first to hear of news, events, discounts and stock previews.... sign up today for 10% off your first order! 

We wish Prim lots of success with their new venture and we're looking forward to seeing more of them in the future


Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Golden Triangle Art Trail

The Golden Triangle Art Trail has been running from 24th May and finishes on the 8th June so you still have time to get round. The trail is run by Open Studios and last weekend we visited a couple of the artists, we saw Rebecca Clifford on Park Lane and Anita Staff on Cambridge street. Rebecca Clifford specialises in dyeing and many other types of textile processes, her enthusiasm for the medium is heart warming, we had a look at some of her natural dye samples.

lots of lovely fabrics

We loved hearing about how she had just taken down her old rotary washing line to replace it with a single line so she could appreciate the aesthetic of washing swaying in the breeze. However the old line wasn't thrown away, it had been weaved into tiny baskets as a practise for future experiments in basket weaving. The tiny baskets are charming and a lovely way to reuse something old.


Next on our trail was Anita Staff, I am actually really sorry for you if you missed this opportunity, we did give you warning! Anita Staff paints beautifully emotive portraits that capture the feelings of vulnerable people, I was thrilled to see these up close and to get the chance to chat to Anita, she was fascinating.

We spoke a bit about this piece below and it was great to hear the story behind the painting, often when you visit a gallery a picture is there with its name and you make your own interpretation, to get the real story was a pleasure. This is a portrait of a young girl born to a mother who is a sex worker, Anita explains that the young girl has no idea of life beyond the world she has been thrust into, no choice in what happens to her right now. Hearing the story whilst looking at the painting was really moving.

Today we visited a really exciting place on Unthank Road, the old Norketts electrical shop is in the process of being refurbished into an art gallery with cafe, I can't wait! We had gone to visit Sophie Eade who is listed on the trail, she's invigilating the exhibition 'What do Artists Do All Day' at the premises. The exhibition is fun with lots to see and you can have a lovely chat with Sophie like we did!

Drew Websters 'whittled works'

I was instantly drawn to the chain of cars on the floor, when we asked Sophie about this installation she explained it was an accident, a box of cars had been dropped on the floor and instead of picking them up they had been arranged and people had subsequently rearranged them, this had become an interactive installation by chance, amazing!

accidental art
Sophie is at 224 Unthank Road every day until the trail finishes on the 8th so there's plenty of time for you to get down there and check out this great space. At the weekend we plan to trail a few more artists as there are plenty of doors open again, Sophie recommends visiting David Jones and Juliane Gorman and lucky for you they're in the same house. Check out the details here 

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