Friday, 27 June 2014

Dr. Martens Store Party

Wednesday night we were invited to an in-store event at the Dr.Martens store on Cattle Street. If you haven't been in to have a look at this glorious shop then you need to get yourself in there ASAP! The store is immaculate and not only does it stock the classic styles we all know and love, but also new designs and clothing and handbags too.

The history of Dr.Martens is embraced in the shop with old photos of British styles like Mods, Skins and Rockers, the whole place just reeks of cool! There's a sweet jukebox and a super comfy Chesterfield sofa for you to try on your new Docs. 

The event on Wednesday was a promotional event with 15% off for the duration, there was music from local bands Box of Light and Other Half and free beer from Pistonhead Lager. There was a raffle to win a pair of Docs, and we all had fun taking pictures with the photo booth, the photos are instant and also emailed to you.

We all had a great time at this event, I thought it was a great idea and would like to see more of this sort of event in our beloved Norwich. The Dr.Martens motto is 'Stand for Something', and I am personally standing for all those guys who are getting out there and making things happen in our fine city. 



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