Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Golden Triangle Art Trail

The Golden Triangle Art Trail has been running from 24th May and finishes on the 8th June so you still have time to get round. The trail is run by Open Studios and last weekend we visited a couple of the artists, we saw Rebecca Clifford on Park Lane and Anita Staff on Cambridge street. Rebecca Clifford specialises in dyeing and many other types of textile processes, her enthusiasm for the medium is heart warming, we had a look at some of her natural dye samples.

lots of lovely fabrics

We loved hearing about how she had just taken down her old rotary washing line to replace it with a single line so she could appreciate the aesthetic of washing swaying in the breeze. However the old line wasn't thrown away, it had been weaved into tiny baskets as a practise for future experiments in basket weaving. The tiny baskets are charming and a lovely way to reuse something old.


Next on our trail was Anita Staff, I am actually really sorry for you if you missed this opportunity, we did give you warning! Anita Staff paints beautifully emotive portraits that capture the feelings of vulnerable people, I was thrilled to see these up close and to get the chance to chat to Anita, she was fascinating.

We spoke a bit about this piece below and it was great to hear the story behind the painting, often when you visit a gallery a picture is there with its name and you make your own interpretation, to get the real story was a pleasure. This is a portrait of a young girl born to a mother who is a sex worker, Anita explains that the young girl has no idea of life beyond the world she has been thrust into, no choice in what happens to her right now. Hearing the story whilst looking at the painting was really moving.

Today we visited a really exciting place on Unthank Road, the old Norketts electrical shop is in the process of being refurbished into an art gallery with cafe, I can't wait! We had gone to visit Sophie Eade who is listed on the trail, she's invigilating the exhibition 'What do Artists Do All Day' at the premises. The exhibition is fun with lots to see and you can have a lovely chat with Sophie like we did!

Drew Websters 'whittled works'

I was instantly drawn to the chain of cars on the floor, when we asked Sophie about this installation she explained it was an accident, a box of cars had been dropped on the floor and instead of picking them up they had been arranged and people had subsequently rearranged them, this had become an interactive installation by chance, amazing!

accidental art
Sophie is at 224 Unthank Road every day until the trail finishes on the 8th so there's plenty of time for you to get down there and check out this great space. At the weekend we plan to trail a few more artists as there are plenty of doors open again, Sophie recommends visiting David Jones and Juliane Gorman and lucky for you they're in the same house. Check out the details here www.nnopenstudios.org.uk/art-trails 


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