Monday, 2 June 2014

Gonzo's Tea Room

Saturday night I made Gonzo's Tea Room my first port of call, I was excited to see the transformation, I love a good revamp. I wasn't disappointed, this place is achingly cool now, there's sumptuous sofas and soft lighting, it has a New York loft vibe.

Gonzo's is open from 10am until 3am every day so there's no excuse for not stopping in. The bar is named after Gonzo the pug, and he's always about and up for a snuggle, I'm a massive dog botherer so I chased him about for a tickle, sorry Gonzo!
I was very happy to see the Walter White portrait over the bar, these guys have taste, and a dog, we'll have forgotten all about Kartel in a few weeks.
only the best picture I've ever seen ever
I ordered a bad boy cocktail and wow was it good, made from vodka, blue curacao and melon liquor it was delicious and I felt tres swanky with my martini glass... it was strong, and I'm pretty sure I didn't look very swanky when I left!!!



  1. Loving your blog! Is this place in Norwich? (probably a stoopid question!) :)

    1. Hi Ella it is what used to be Kartel near Open! Hope you're good... Amber :) x


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