Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Grid - An Exhibition by Tazelaar Stevenson

You'd be forgiven for not having been to the two independent galleries on St.Augustines street before, but now you have no excuses. Yallops and Nuns Yard are a few doors down from each other, Yallops is the bigger of the two and is a beautifully restored Victorian shop premises. Showing now is an amazing exhibition by Tazelaar Stevenson, I went to the private view last night and the exhibition now runs until Sunday, it is open from 11am-3pm. The work on show is a mix of screen-prints, pen drawings and carefully constructed cut-outs. I couldn't believe the precision that has gone into this work, it is truly stunning.

The bare plaster walls in the front room of Yallops are a perfect backdrop for the muted tones of the geometric drawings and prints, the pictures are hung to absolute perfection, not a millimetre out! This all combines nicely to create a calming experience, you simply can't fault it.

In the back room things get darker and also brighter, contradictory I know! The back room having not much natural light is a different experience entirely, the work is lit by spotlights which gives the pieces in here the impression of being back-lit, they almost glow. 

Two screen-prints hung side by side

Taz's screen-prints are amazing, I tried to work out how many layers he'd used but gave up and just admired the work. Have a closer look, or better still go get all up in it's face for real.

ready for your close up?

I can't stress how great it is to have so many talented artists in our fine city and it is important to support them, especially when they've put in so much effort to produce a wonderful exhibition like this. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, do check out the Flatwork exhibition in Nuns Yard too, there are things you can buy and it has some more amazing art.



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