Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Local Artist Showcase - Joel Benjamin

Joel Benjamin is originally from Suffolk but he made the awesome decision to reside in our beautiful Norwich! Joel works as a freelance illustrator and his clients include Smash Skates, Monorex and Coco Cola. His works are mixed media and are comprised of pen, watercolour and digital colouring. The finished pieces are effortlessly cool, but I'm sure they weren't effortless to produce!

here he is working hard!

Joel's portraits are stunning and the use of one colour in tones gives them a futuristic, pop, comic book feel, in fact Joel is embarking on a project to produce his first comic book with an independent writer in Qatar.

Joel has completed a few zines himself so this new comic book project must be as exciting for him as it is for us! If you'd like to check out more of his work or indeed purchase yourself some stunning timeless work have a click here I personally love his 'Gurls' portraits, the women are edgy and chic, very Tarantino.



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