Monday, 16 June 2014

Norfolk Veg Box

I'm pretty sUre you have noticed how hot it has been this past week, summer really crept up on us and with this heat comes the inevitable... The need to wear less clothes! What has this got to do with Norfolk Veg Box??? Well if you are anything like me you are now in a panic ridden state embarking on your 'bikini diet' (don't worry I won't be donning mine quite yet!)

It was this healthy eating regime that first kinda brought me to discovering Norfolk Veg Box, I had heard of a couple of other veg delivery boxes but they aren't local and I was always quite keen to champion the use of the market and local greengrocers!

So when I discovered Norfolk Veg Box obviously I was super keen to share this with the world. 

I emailed NVB and spoke with the lovely Chrissi, it is great to speak to someone who is so passionate about what they do, something which we have found to be common amongst all the local producers we have spoken to recently!

This is what Chrissi had to say...

"Here at Norfolk Veg Box we deliver fresh veg, salad and fruit boxes to homes and businesses throughout Norfolk. 

We are very passionate about local season produce, which is why we started by providing the season veg boxes. 
As we grew we found customers also wanted salads and fruits and so we grew our list. In order to provide a complete service we do source some items (like bananas) from further a field and anything which is not local is clearly marked on our produce list. 

How it works - we have set delivery days for certain areas. this ensures we keep our routes to a minimum, delivery can be provided free and we remain eco friendly too! So each area will have a set day. 

On a Friday we send out our box and produce list to all our customers and anyone who is interested and signed up for our newsletter. We also post it on Facebook and a link on Twitter too. We do one each week as our boxes and produce list change with the weather (quite literally) 

To order -  all people have to do is send us a message with their order, address and contact number - and we do the rest! 
The order can come through Twitter, , Facebook email or on occasions by phone. 

Our customers can either choose a set box or boxes. They can have a set box and add additional items or they can send us a list of items and we provide them with a custom box. 

We deliver on their set day, if they are not in we are happy to leave their box in a safe place or with a neighbour. Payment is really easy to! It is either cash on delivery or we print bank details on their invoice - they can pay us direct after their box is received and our regular customers set up standing orders so they don't even have to think about it. 

So overall - it is an easy service to use. 

As well as fruit and veg we are keen to work with any local producers and foodies to promote and sell their products with our boxes. This week we are adding Big Skies Food Companies salted Peanut and Chilli Brittle (which is beautiful) and we have some other new ones joining us over the next few weeks. In essence our focus is Fresh, local produce and local food as a whole. Other local producers we work with are Fieldings Cottage and Yare Valley Oils - both are popular with our customers. We would love to hear from any local producers who would like to see their products in our boxes!"

Chrissi kindly sent us a box to try it was filled with lovely fresh veg, our particular fav was the asparagus which we had with dippy poached eggs! I have tried to photograph the box we had not quite as well the great pictures NVB sent over! 

A great box which I would thoroughly recommend to everyone, we will definitely be ordering more! 


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