Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Rag and Bone Tattoo

So, you can't live in Norwich and not notice the many tattoo and piercing shops for you to frequent, there's more than I can count right now. We said we'd start with Rag and Bone not only because we love them but also it's above our beloved menswear shop Philip Browne, if you take a leisurely stroll through the shop and up the stairs you will find Wink, Rich and Brad in their studio.

Wink Evans working on a Japanese style bodysuit
Rag and Bone is a custom studio so have your ideas ready if you're going in, Wink is a master of various styles including Traditional with his own twist, Japanese, realism and dotwork, you can see his work here www.facebook.com/ragandbonetattoo. The studio is bright and spacious and the guys are all fun and friendly, the walls are adorned with their amazing art and other great pieces for you to look at while you wince!

Brad Ward likes to draw miserable things but really he just likes to snuggle his Chihuahuas and watch rom coms!! (he's gonna kill me). You can see his work on the link above too, many of his paintings in his space are available as prints, and he often posts drawings online that he'd like to put on you.

Brad Ward and his art

Wink's twin brother Rich is also tattooing here, he is establishing his own unique style of cartoon classics with a spin, I'm loving his neon color fades right now.

Wink and Rich at work
You can keep up to date with these amazing artists by following them on Instagram and Facebook, check out our Instagram @lifeinafinecity for the tags then get following. These guys have worked really hard to get their own shop up an running and it's just great, a great atmosphere with zero drama, lovely!



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