Monday, 2 June 2014

The Owl Sanctuary

Recently a city pub has been brought back from the dead, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes The Owl Sanctuary is far better and more beautiful than the dead pigeon (The Marquee) it once was. Manager Dan Hawcroft has a wealth of experience in the music industry and it shows, his passion for music is what makes this place great, truly great! Where else would you find a Metallica pinball machine?

Dan has put so much hard work into this building, it was practically derelict when he took it on and with the help of his dedicated friends (including me) it has been thoroughly transformed. It feels like a community project and the love for this place shines through. The Owl as we like to call it was named after an Alan Partridge quote, this weeks guest ale was The Partridge, we like a bit of humour with our pint, cheers! There's loads to do here, you can play pool... could go to one of the many many gigs and events being put on here, have a look at the their page and see if there's something for Today I was feeling really rock and went for an Iron Maiden Trooper ale, it was crisp and tangy.

The Owl is open from 1pm tues-sun, you can pop in for a coffee during the day, the staff are all super friendly and will be pleased to see you. You could chill here and soak up the surroundings and the beautiful wall art, The Owl is number 25 Cattlemarket st, at the back of the Castle Mall.

The Owl is an energising place and the back room is a great venue for gigs in the evenings, there's often craft events on Sundays and after work pints between 5.30-6.30 are £2.50, sweet deals! On Wednesday there is a spoken word event called Practise Patience it's a mixture of spoken word and folk music, sounds good to me. If you've got Saturday free there's a Sea Shepherd benefit all day gig featuring lots of lovely local bands and many others, charity plays a big part in this venue and that's just great!



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