Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Reading Rooms

You would be wrong in thinking all we like to do is drink cocktails, obviously it is high up on our list but a girl cannot live on cocktails alone!

Norwich is absolutely thriving with independent coffee shops and restaurants, from teeny tiny ones through to larger ones with several stores in the city now.

Sunday was the perfect day for me to check out one of these places as I was attending a private party at The Reading Rooms to celebrate the birth of my friends baby. You can find The Reading Rooms opposite The Fat Cat on Nelson Street, not far from the city centre.

I had been in contact with The Reading Rooms prior to the day who had been nothing short of amazing, they were super helpful and I felt sure we would be in for a great afternoon. When we arrived the delicious looking cakes were already being put out on the tables and the room was arranged to accommodate the party. The weather gods were working in our favour and it was glorious, allowing us to sit outside and bask in the sun with a cold glass of wine we had brought ourselves (corkage fee applies) the relaxing jazz music combined with the heat actually made me feel like I was somewhere far more exotic than Nelson Street!

There is some interesting and rather lovely art displayed and for sale in the cafe (I will get some more details on this for you). The Reading Rooms itself is a quirky little mismatched haven, which is very popular right now but like all popular things it is so easy to get this wrong, I'm pleased to say The Reading Rooms have got this right, both the decor and the atmosphere project a cool European cafe vibe.

A selection of the cakes we were treated too

The Reading Rooms is
Closed on Monday (They definitely deserve a day off)
Open 9am-3.30pm Tuesday & Wednesday
Open 9am-3.30pm Thursday, Friday & Saturday and then reopening from 6.30-late
Sundays are 9-4

The menu is delicious they are more than a good cake! I have sampled and can thoroughly recommend the breakfasts too!



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