Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Surrey Tavern - World Cup Fundraising Spectacular

The best thing about starting 'Life in a Fine City' is that it is making me get out and about to new places! The Surrey Tavern is practically on my door step but I'm sad to say I have only been there a couple of times before today. The pub was reopened and given a new lease of life by 3 brothers almost 2 years ago (Birthday celebrations in the pipelines...) it's a great place, spacious with a beer garden serving a mix of local beers and the old favourites.

When I went in today the guys were telling me about the event they put on for charity and other fundraising they had done in the past including jumping out of a plane... very brave! 

Their latest fundraising efforts will combine the world cup and EACH  (East Anglia's Children's Hospices)

The Surrey will be showing every game and during your time in the pub you can help by... 

Eating 'The Brazillian Burger' £8.50 with 50p donated to EACH

Drinking a pint of Brahma £3.70 a pint 20p to donated to each OR £13.50 for a 4 pint pitcher with £1.00 donated to EACH

if beer is not your thing there a Caipirinha cocktail £4.95 with 30p donated to EACH

of course the other way you can help is by putting your small (or big) change into the collection boxes around the bar


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