Monday, 14 July 2014

Droplet - A New Way To Pay

I have noticed the Droplet signs about The Lanes for a while and decided it was time to check it out, and I wish I had sooner. When I asked in my fave place The Birdcage about it they had a few £5 promotional top up vouchers, and they gave me one, bonus! I promptly downloaded the app and within minutes I had topped up and paid for my tea. I then went over the road to Grosvenors Fish Bar and paid for my chips too, who said there was no such thing as a free lunch? 

best chip shop in the world

The app uses your location to bring up a list of nearby places and recently used ones so if you're a regular somewhere it couldn't be easier. Life in a Fine City's Amber said she is going to put a weekly budget on her Droplet account for drinks and lunches etc, sounds like super savvy cash control to me.

a few of the places you can drop in and droplet

We got in touch with the Droplet rep for Norwich and he said this...
"Norwich is the third city in the country to comprehensively get Droplet, first it was Birmingham, then London and now Norwich. 
It's all started in the Lanes, with places like The Birdcage, Strangers, Franks, Grovesnor & The Playhouse all accepting Droplet. It's almost like having our own currency here in the Norwich Lanes, free from traditional banking systems.
Quick, easy & free mobile payments are unanimously agreed to be the future, so it's pretty cool that the Norwich Lanes are the progressive hub of it all"

Strangers Coffee House

I like the idea of The Lanes currency, sounds fancy. No charges, no minimum spends, and so easy to use, I'm totally sold on this.



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