Thursday, 24 July 2014

Gennadiy Ivanov at Stew Gallery

Last night LIFC went to the private view of Gennadiy Ivanov's exhibit 'Love and Other Stories' at Stew Gallery on Fishergate, the exhibition now runs until the 27th of July and this is not to be missed. Ivanov had put in so much work for his PV there were traditional Russian salads, caviar and vodkas, I felt really spoiled, it was probably one of the busiest opening nights I have been to at Stew. Onto the art which is outstanding and truly inspirational. My favourite pieces were Ivanov's 'tenderness' series, the subtle body parts hidden among the swathes of colour and texture were fun to make out.


Ivaonv is such a talented painter, it was a joy to get up close and look at the layers upon layers of paint and wonder what was under them, aborted paintings or carefully constructed layering? What I really loved was how he had painted over tape and then peeled it off, leaving sharp chasms in the thick paint and revealing the colours underneath.

As well as these abstract expressionist style paintings, Ivanov is a master of realism. There are many portraits to be seen at this exhibition, the naked body is a great thing to paint and Ivanov paints it to perfection. All of Ivanov's pieces have something to say, a message about society and life, they also have a raw essence which I find utterly enticing.

The Last Stand
Ivanov's love of tape can be seen on the floor of Stew too, the lines around his hanging sculpture are obviously there to tell you where not to stand. However the tape continues throughout the gallery in less obvious ways, this appears to be signifying conformity and it shows his playful character.

You are invited to participate in the art by writing on his painting 'How do you Feel Today?', after seeing Ivanov's paintings I was feeling overjoyed! I was so blown away by the art and I am definitely going back for another look, you've got until Sunday to check out this amazing work the gallery is open 10-5 (4 on Sun), enjoy!



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