Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Let's Get Quizical - The Rumsey Wells

Here at Life in a Fine City we love a good pub quiz! I started to do a bit of research with what was originally going to be a list of the best pub quizzes to go to, after some suggestions from our great readers it became apparent that The Rumsey Wells had quite a good thing going on and a few lines as part of a list just wasn't going to cut it, so we have decided to dedicate this first (now in a series) of pub quiz posts to

'Brendos Big Quiz' 

Brendon is the name of the resident quiz master over at The Rumsey, and you can find him there every Tuesday with the quiz starting at 8.30 (be warned it does get very busy so we recommend that you arrive early) it is a mere £1 each with a max of 6 per team... bargain! 

Look at that concentration
Not your average pub quiz each team is given a 'lump of Brendo' the Play Doh round, Brendon will give you a theme and your team has to model a object, scene or scenario from the Play Doh... Fun!! 

Lump of Brendo
There is the usual rounds of questions but with added bonus questions, anagrams and each week Brendon will post the name of a real but rude sounding English town or village name on The Rumsey Facebook page, anyone who quotes it at the start of the quiz earns their team a bonus point!  

If you are lucky enough to win (but lets face it when you have as much fun as you do at Brendo's big quiz, prizes are only an added bonus) you could win Pieminister Pies for 6 (1st place) occasionally these are beer tokens but the pies are much more popular, there are spot prizes of sweets, cakes and crisps. My friend went a while back and they won a pint of Haribo and packet of Jaffa Cakes (YUM!) 

Quiz Master Brendo with his Quizee's!

All in all a great night using your brain and having fun!

You can definitely count us in "Life in a Fine City" will be there next Tuesday 



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