Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Moosey Art and SHhhh - 'Get Walls'

If you know your Norwich art scene you'll have heard of Moosey Art, if you haven't let me tell you a little bit about them. Founded by Frazer Bailey they curate art shows and generally make cool stuff happen, exhibitions like 'Art in Your Mouth' at Stew Gallery brought artists from all over the world to Norwich. You may have seen Moosey Art on Sunday at The Lanes Fayre painting boards as part of their new project 'Get Walls'.

Well known local artist Gnasher was there painting a Stephen Fry portrait with lightning precision, it was a pleasure to see him at work.


Also painting was Liam Clarke, I loved his faces, a mix of painted heads with pen drawn features. Liam's work is humorous and colourful, perfect for brightening up grey days in a city.

Liam Clarke

Get Walls is a collaboration with the SHhhh collective, a Norwich based clothing and art brand and it aims to bring top street artists to Norwich to paint (with the owners permission) anything from walls to shop shutters and doorways. If you have a wall you'd like made awesome you can contact Frazer by emailing frazerbailey27@gmail.com. Places like Bristol and Brighton have already embraced street art and are vibrant and thriving urban environments, they have been enthused with energy and colour.
Great street art also brings recognition and tourism, and that's something Moosey Art and Life in a Fine City both want for Norwich. I'd love to see some of our dull grey buildings adorned with colour, this is a great city full of art and culture and we want everyone to know about it. You can follow Moosey Art on Facebook, look out for something exciting happening on Friday!



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