Friday, 29 August 2014

Local Artist Showcase - Anmar Mirza

Anmar Mirza studies Graphic Design at NUA and is the owner of the brand MRZA. He encompasses many aspects of design and uses various mediums including, pen, paint and graphics. MRZA is a clothing and lifestyle brand that produces tees and totes among other things. I really love his recent works on plant pots and clocks, I can't wait to get my hands on one when they go on sale.

Mirza painting and homewares
'road racer' tee

Mirza's style of painting reminds me of 80's NY cool, a combination of artists such as Basquiat and Keith Haring, but with a Fresh Prince edge. His paintings and graphic work can be quite different and I think this shows his adaptability and talent.

an example of two paintings in differing styles
poster design

This guy has got it all going on, he's hoping to paint some large scale murals in the near future, hopefully brightening up some walls around Norwich. I spotted some of his paste up work in The Lanes yesterday, see if you can spot it too.
He will be exhibiting work at the upcoming Moosey Art show in October, he also has a new winter clothing collection launching soon, we shall keep you informed when it does so you don't miss out on the limited runs of designs. You can follow his art on Facebook and get in touch by using the link below. What a great local talent we have, lucky us!



Thursday, 21 August 2014

Dr.Martens - Standing for Norwich

If you've read our previous post about the delightful Dr. Martens store in Norwich, then you'll know all about how achingly cool the place is, and if you've been in the shop you will have seen all the beautiful shoes and wanted them all! If you haven't, do both right now...ok, not both at once!

our boot-iful store

Dr.Martens new ad campaign features two Norwich residents that you might recognize. Have a watch of the new DM's promo video here on youtube and you will spot the first of the Norwichites, the landlady of our two favorite pubs The Birdcage and The Sir Garnet, Lauren. Below are the promo photos for the campaign.

“I stand for making classics contemporary.”

Lauren has worn docs since school, and has kept every pair she's ever owned. This is a great photo montage showing Lauren's love for DM's and our fine city. I adore the brogue loafers she's wearing, and can't wait to get hold of a pair!

“I stand for girl power.”

The second of our local models featured is Chiara, an Illustration student at NUA. She specialises in photo montage and has recently turned to digital collages. You can see more pictures of Chiara looking amazing on the DM's website. I need these embellished t-bar shoes too, uh-oh, I feel a shopping spree coming on!

What a great campaign, we should be really proud of our talented models and our super cool Dr.Martens store. If you haven't been already you can find it at 23-25 Castle St. We stand for Norwich, what do you stand for?



Monday, 11 August 2014

Norwich Body Art Festival 2014 featuring Eric M

It's that time of year again folks, The Norwich Body Art Festival or NBAF (it's easier to type)! Held at the stunning Open venue on Bank Plain Saturday 16th August and Sunday 17th. It's a great weekend with local artists and some from further afield, entertainment, local food from Finnies and some excellent traders.  

All our favourites from Indigo, Factotum and Black Dog will be there alongside super girly Amy Savage from Jayne Doe and Abbie Williams from Lost Time, another artist we love is Justin Burnout from Ghost House Collective if you like black and grey Justin is your man... NBAF 2014 Artists click the link for a full list of artists.

We recently spoke to Gema owner of Indigo Tattoo Studio and also one of the NBAF organisers. Gema told us some fantastic news which we wanted to share with all your tattoo lovers out there! 

So not all the best things originate from Norwich but they do all end up here at some point, this can be said about the great Eric M. I was lucky enough to get tattooed by Eric at the second (I think) convention, I had a sugar skull on my hand and it literally gets ALL the attention, some boy even shouted at me on the escalators of TK Maxx once "Did Eric do that tattoo?... It's great!" so there you go get tattooed by Eric and people will harass you on the street. 

Eric's killer trad style combined with super sharp lines and awesome colours makes him one of the best artists around he will be at NBAF for both of the days and guesting at Indigo on Lower Goat Lane the week before. Call the shop on 01603 886143 or pop in for more details and appointments.



Saturday, 9 August 2014

Makeover - Edition 1

Something exciting happened last week and we've been dying to show you, we took our very popular Street Style posts to another level by creating our very own stylish person. We scouted about for someone who had the potential to be made over and got to work, here is our model Ben before..

We enlisted the help of a fantastic barber Mathew Green and used Swagger & Jacks products to tame Ben's beard and hair.

We chose an outfit from Philip Browne and picked up some shoes from the Dr.Martens Norwich store, and here is the result.

Top: Lacoste Pique £75
Jeans: Diesel Tepphar £110
Shoes: Dr.Martens 3989's £100
Socks and Braces: Stylists own

Model: Ben Holmes
Photographer: Rory James
Hair: Mathew Green
Stylist: Ruth Knapp

3989's in cherry red

We think Ben looks great now, his fade and beard trim have made a big difference to his look. The brogues and white socks with a turn up is on point and you can never go wrong with a classic polo, what do you think?



Friday, 8 August 2014

Tatlers - Fine City Dining

Last night before speeding off to Future Radio I had a delightful three course meal, at Tatlers on Tombland darling!

I don't usually go for a starter but I was assured by the lovely new front of house manager Hannah that the 'Pressed Tomato' with whipped goats cheese (or ghost cheese as my 6 year old calls it) was a sight to behold. How good can a tomato look right?

the answer is this good!

This is how good seven types of tomato look having a little party on your plate, I ate that tomato crisp before it had even landed on the table, the whipped cheese was so soft and delicious and the red pepper and teeny tiny caper dressing was the perfect accompaniment. Amber had the seared scallops, I need to try those next time they looked amazing. So with the starter exceeding all expectations I wondered what else this meal had in store for me.

I ordered the pan fried fish as it came with mango and pineapple salsa and I just absolutely love those fruits in any dish, it was beautiful and I ate it all! I gave my compliments to the new chef Glenn and had a chat about the food and what he hopes to achieve with Tatlers, he has great determination, and belief in good honest food. He said he wants the food to do the talking and it was definitely speaking to me last night, he recommended I try the 'Peach Do-Nut'  for desert and went off chuckling about the surprise I was going to get.

Wow...inside the light batter was a donut peach, a perfectly cooked little donut peach! I'm told the peaches are injected with raspberry coulis, genius. The whole meal was amazing, I'm getting hungry writing this! 

After seeing the other dishes going out last night I need to sample more from this menu, and I really look forward to going back, great staff, great chef, great menu, just great.



Thursday, 7 August 2014


Last week I took a stroll around the city and done some people watching, to see what trends we love in Norwich. One clear trend is you ladies simply LOVE wearing lipstick!! Red, pink and even orangey hues appear to be the favourites in this city.

We decided to do a bit of research to find you some great colours and save you the time...

Lady Danger a lovely coral'esque orange

Russian Red - Matte finish with a blush red tone
Available Online Here or from our very own Mac counter in Jarrolds
Both £15.50 I can't praise the girls on the Mac counter in Jarrolds enough they clearly know their stuff and will help you pick the shade which is right for you and lip liners and brushes should you wish to purchase them too (I'm a massive fan of lip liner when wearing lippy)

TOPSHOP All About Me - Super bright pink
If you haven't heard about Topshop lipsticks you need to listen up! Rich in pigments they are super bright, with a creamy, long lasting finish all for £8.00!!! An absolute bargain. All About Me is a bright pink (a personal favourite of mine which I am infact wearing today) You can of course pop in to Topshop on Haymarket to test the colours and get it straight away or for you online shoppers Click Here

Rimmel 'Moisture Renew' 360 As You Want Victoria
A bargainous £6.49 available from Boots and Superdrugs in the city. Another super bright pink a slightly cooler pink than the Topshop one but lovely and light with a high shine finish. It doesn't have the lasting power of the others but at £6.49 you can afford to keep reapplying. 

Just a tiny glimpse at the best lipsticks around if you're unsure of what will suit you pop into one of the many beauty counters around the city and they will sure to help. 

What other beauty trends or products are you into right now?? 



Friday, 1 August 2014

The Fry Up Inspector

Hand's up if you love a great fry up but have been disappointed when visiting a new cafe? Luckily for us here in Norwich we never have to endure a bad breakfast again, you may already know about The Fry Up Inspector whose duty is to try and inform us of where to eat and perhaps where not to eat. 

We were lucky enough to catch up with The Inspector and here 'our first ever guest post' by the man himself! 

I started my search for fry up perfection with the fry up inspector blog back in 2010, I went searching for the perfect fry up experience using my trusty iphone to capture the evidence. On my search for fry up perfection I have so far covered nearly 200 places, nearly all of these are in Norwich and they can all be found on the blog Fry Up Inspectors Blog

 Along the way I have experienced kitchens on fire, raw sausages, exploded eggs but thankfully some excellent breakfasts worth telling the world about! A nicely cooked breakfast containing good quality and locally sourced ingredients is always nice to find but equally important is good service, presentation and the environment you are eating it in. Just when I think I have reviewed everywhere in Norwich, suddenly a new place crops up somewhere so I visit when they are least expecting it and my review is the first thing they know about my visit. I have reviewed breakfasts in other parts of the country too and have noticed how lucky we are in Norwich to have so many amazing places serving excellent breakfasts. All my favourite places are independents, they all seem to go the extra mile in producing a really special breakfast with a personal touch. 

House Cafe

The Street Cafe 
If somewhere I review scores 8.5/10 or higher it gets offered a "Fry Up Inspector Recommended" window sticker, 12 places in Norwich are displaying one and these places can be found HERE

Keep an eye out for these

Work has started on the "Fry Up Inspector Recommended trail map" this will be a hand drawn map available as a PDF which will show the location of all my recommended places in Norwich.

Pandora's Kitchen in Norwich has just launched their new summer menu, it includes "The Fry Up Inspector" breakfast which I have endorsed and is based on my ideal breakfast. Another exciting new item on their breakfast menu is dippy eggs served with candied bacon butter.

A homage to the man himself  'Fry Up Inspector Breakfast' 
Not content with just sampling great breakfasts if I travel to other countries I like to try the local specialities and street food which also gets featured on the blog. The most recent places I featured were New York and Spain, in September 2014 I will be searching for Japans finest street food. 

The Fry Up Inspector

Sounds delicious!! So if you are looking for the best place to eat breakfast make sure that The Inspectors blog is your first port of call. We would like to thank The Inspector for writing this for us and telling us all about himself and what he does. 


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