Thursday, 21 August 2014

Dr.Martens - Standing for Norwich

If you've read our previous post about the delightful Dr. Martens store in Norwich, then you'll know all about how achingly cool the place is, and if you've been in the shop you will have seen all the beautiful shoes and wanted them all! If you haven't, do both right now...ok, not both at once!

our boot-iful store

Dr.Martens new ad campaign features two Norwich residents that you might recognize. Have a watch of the new DM's promo video here on youtube and you will spot the first of the Norwichites, the landlady of our two favorite pubs The Birdcage and The Sir Garnet, Lauren. Below are the promo photos for the campaign.

“I stand for making classics contemporary.”

Lauren has worn docs since school, and has kept every pair she's ever owned. This is a great photo montage showing Lauren's love for DM's and our fine city. I adore the brogue loafers she's wearing, and can't wait to get hold of a pair!

“I stand for girl power.”

The second of our local models featured is Chiara, an Illustration student at NUA. She specialises in photo montage and has recently turned to digital collages. You can see more pictures of Chiara looking amazing on the DM's website. I need these embellished t-bar shoes too, uh-oh, I feel a shopping spree coming on!

What a great campaign, we should be really proud of our talented models and our super cool Dr.Martens store. If you haven't been already you can find it at 23-25 Castle St. We stand for Norwich, what do you stand for?



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