Friday, 8 August 2014

Tatlers - Fine City Dining

Last night before speeding off to Future Radio I had a delightful three course meal, at Tatlers on Tombland darling!

I don't usually go for a starter but I was assured by the lovely new front of house manager Hannah that the 'Pressed Tomato' with whipped goats cheese (or ghost cheese as my 6 year old calls it) was a sight to behold. How good can a tomato look right?

the answer is this good!

This is how good seven types of tomato look having a little party on your plate, I ate that tomato crisp before it had even landed on the table, the whipped cheese was so soft and delicious and the red pepper and teeny tiny caper dressing was the perfect accompaniment. Amber had the seared scallops, I need to try those next time they looked amazing. So with the starter exceeding all expectations I wondered what else this meal had in store for me.

I ordered the pan fried fish as it came with mango and pineapple salsa and I just absolutely love those fruits in any dish, it was beautiful and I ate it all! I gave my compliments to the new chef Glenn and had a chat about the food and what he hopes to achieve with Tatlers, he has great determination, and belief in good honest food. He said he wants the food to do the talking and it was definitely speaking to me last night, he recommended I try the 'Peach Do-Nut'  for desert and went off chuckling about the surprise I was going to get.

Wow...inside the light batter was a donut peach, a perfectly cooked little donut peach! I'm told the peaches are injected with raspberry coulis, genius. The whole meal was amazing, I'm getting hungry writing this! 

After seeing the other dishes going out last night I need to sample more from this menu, and I really look forward to going back, great staff, great chef, great menu, just great.



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