Friday, 1 August 2014

The Fry Up Inspector

Hand's up if you love a great fry up but have been disappointed when visiting a new cafe? Luckily for us here in Norwich we never have to endure a bad breakfast again, you may already know about The Fry Up Inspector whose duty is to try and inform us of where to eat and perhaps where not to eat. 

We were lucky enough to catch up with The Inspector and here 'our first ever guest post' by the man himself! 

I started my search for fry up perfection with the fry up inspector blog back in 2010, I went searching for the perfect fry up experience using my trusty iphone to capture the evidence. On my search for fry up perfection I have so far covered nearly 200 places, nearly all of these are in Norwich and they can all be found on the blog Fry Up Inspectors Blog

 Along the way I have experienced kitchens on fire, raw sausages, exploded eggs but thankfully some excellent breakfasts worth telling the world about! A nicely cooked breakfast containing good quality and locally sourced ingredients is always nice to find but equally important is good service, presentation and the environment you are eating it in. Just when I think I have reviewed everywhere in Norwich, suddenly a new place crops up somewhere so I visit when they are least expecting it and my review is the first thing they know about my visit. I have reviewed breakfasts in other parts of the country too and have noticed how lucky we are in Norwich to have so many amazing places serving excellent breakfasts. All my favourite places are independents, they all seem to go the extra mile in producing a really special breakfast with a personal touch. 

House Cafe

The Street Cafe 
If somewhere I review scores 8.5/10 or higher it gets offered a "Fry Up Inspector Recommended" window sticker, 12 places in Norwich are displaying one and these places can be found HERE

Keep an eye out for these

Work has started on the "Fry Up Inspector Recommended trail map" this will be a hand drawn map available as a PDF which will show the location of all my recommended places in Norwich.

Pandora's Kitchen in Norwich has just launched their new summer menu, it includes "The Fry Up Inspector" breakfast which I have endorsed and is based on my ideal breakfast. Another exciting new item on their breakfast menu is dippy eggs served with candied bacon butter.

A homage to the man himself  'Fry Up Inspector Breakfast' 
Not content with just sampling great breakfasts if I travel to other countries I like to try the local specialities and street food which also gets featured on the blog. The most recent places I featured were New York and Spain, in September 2014 I will be searching for Japans finest street food. 

The Fry Up Inspector

Sounds delicious!! So if you are looking for the best place to eat breakfast make sure that The Inspectors blog is your first port of call. We would like to thank The Inspector for writing this for us and telling us all about himself and what he does. 



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