Saturday, 27 September 2014

Norwich Cocktail Week

It's nearly time to don your tuxedos and get your Great Gatsby on, Norwich Cocktail Week starts October the 4th and runs until the 10th. We've been preparing for the event by concocting our own cocktail with the wonderful Dom from Norwich Cocktail Club. Dom will be serving up our 'Life in a Fine City' drink in the Underbelly of The Rumsey Wells and I can tell you it's ruddy delicious!

Our cocktail consists of as many local ingredients as possible including, Adnams Copper House gin, Norfolk Cordial, a dash of limonchello, Prosecco and garnished with blackberries picked from Horstead (thanks Sue). It's a refreshing drink that reminds me of a late summer picnic, tangy and terribly British. If you like the sound of that then keep an eye on our Facebook page for a competition to win two drinks and two Norwich Cocktail Week wristbands.

Norwich Cocktail Week looks to be an exciting series of events including taster sessions and lots of new drinks for you to try, you can buy a wristband which gets you discount on cocktails, they are £8 or £4 if you buy using Droplet (we love Droplet!). With the wristband there is a sticker card for all the participating venues and if you collect over ten you can enter a prize draw. There is also a Stoli Martini Masterclass on the 8th, spaces are limited so get in quick.

Norwich Cocktail Club will be running four taster sessions at The Rumsey with some local brands including The Norfolk Sloe Company, they are £5 with a wristband and include drinks of course! 
I've certainly got a taste for a good cocktail since making ours, and Dom has some delicious ones to choose from. I recommend having a 'crack baby' shooter while you peruse the menu.

I hope you all enjoy NCW and do let us know your favourite drinks on our Facebook or Instagram.

Thanks to Andy Hart Photography for the photos.



Thursday, 25 September 2014

A Few of our Favourite Things (Life in a Fine City Map!)

It's that time again when Norwich is awash with new students, eager to find out the best places to go...

Let us make it easier for you with our map of (what we think) are some of the best places to go...

We will be handing out these maps Friday 26th September at the UEA Freshers Fayre and they will be available in the places listed. If you're at the UEA come and say 'HI!' We will have news of some amazing competitions. 

Map Designed by Ruth Knapp - Freelance Artist & Designer 
For more details please contact Ruth at 



Monday, 22 September 2014

Makeover Edition 2

So it's been a while since we brought you our first Makeover but you know the saying 'good things come to those that wait' well that is totally the case when it comes to our next makeover model.

Since we first laid eyes on Chloe we knew she had a great look but being a super mum to 4 children she doesn't always get the chance to glam up these days...

Chloe before

We wanted to go for a glam party look and headed down to Catfish to seek out a cool yet affordable outfit for Chloe to wear.

Back at LIAFC HQ we turned our attention to Chloe's hair, prior to seeing us it was a short grown out crop, we wanted to funk this up taking it short in the neck and around the ears leaving it longer through the top so she could use product to add texture or leave it flat for a more casual look. We opted for a warm pastel apricot colour which complimented Chloes skin tone. 

Chloe doesn't usually wear any makeup and we wanted something dramatic yet easy to recreate at home, so a good base, nude lips and dark smoky eyes finished the look. 

And here is the final result... 

Dress: Mink Pink @Catfish £54.00
Bag: Vivienne Westwood (Davina) @Catfish £195.00 current season
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood Melissa @Catfish £80.00 down from £200.00 
Tights: Stylists Own 

Just look at those shoes!! Amazing! 

We think Chloe looks like a supermodel and here is what she had to say ...

"I felt like a superstar. It was all sorts of awesome fun, and actually when I saw the pics I thought I looked the part, which was pretty frickin' special." 

If you want to nominate yourself or someone you know for a makeover follow us, like our page on any social media site and tag us in a picture and tell us why! 

Hair:  Amber using Wella & Tigi
Make Up: Ruth Knapp
Stylist: Ruth Knapp
Photography: Amber 

Special thanks to Keiran Harper for the use of his lights



Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Battle of the Bangers 2014

Last Saturday was the annual 'Battle of the Bangers' who else is there to report on such occasion other than The Fry Up Inspector here is what he had to say and who won the prestigious title of 'Best in Show'

Battle of the bangers is part of the Norfolk Food and Drink Festival and it's now in it's tenth year. Last year I was on the judging panel, blind tasting the entries and helping to chose a winner, for me an easy decision as soon as I tasted the amazing Archer's sausage! This year I was looking forward to tasting the sausages with the public outside and chatting to the butchers to find out more about their entries. I arrived about midday and was greeted by the smell of sausages cooking in the air, time to grab a voting slip and get tasting. My wife kindly offered to take notes so I could fully focus on the bangers.

Entry number 1 was from Tavern Tasty Meats of Swafield

The Smokie Joe is oak smoked for 6 hours and was clearly very popular with the crowd, their supply of sausages had almost gone when I arrived. The pork used in these sausages comes from their Gloucester old spot pigs on their farm, they told me the entire pig goes in when making these. The texture was nice and firm and the smoky flavour wasn't too overpowering, not really a sausage I would like on a breakfast but great in a bun as a hot dog.

Entry number 2 was from The Beef Smith from Starston

This beef sausage was produced from their pedigree herd of red ruby devon cattle. A firm texture and great flavour. Something a bit different and you could tell this was a quality sausage, I do however prefer a pork sausage. This was more like a quality beef burger inside a sausage skin.

Entry number 3 was from Icarus Hines Butchers of Cromer

An authentic pork sausage with a hint of nutmeg. The texture was great and I can't say I really taste the nutmeg coming through, this was a really delicious and well balanced sausage though that I would be delighted to find on a breakfast. I really loved this sausage and it was cut into much bigger pieces than the other entries making it far easier to take a good bite and properly explore the texture. 

Entry number 4 was from F.L Edge & Sons from East Harling

The Harling Sausage had a very firm texture and was made using prime cuts of British pork shoulder & belly with a subtle blend of coriander, marjoram, parsley, sage and rosemary. A great combination giving it a really nicely balanced flavour.

Entry number 5 was from Bradwell Butchery from Great Yarmouth

This pork and herb sausage had a quite loose and slightly crumbly texture. The herbs complimented the pork really nicely and left a fairly noticeable herby aftertaste, 

Entry number 6 was from The Fruitpig Company

Their black pudding and marmalade sausage is produced using Tamworth pig and Scottish marmalade. This had a very soft texture and distinctive taste. The black pudding and marmalade worked well together creating a nice flavour. Certainly something a bit different but I still can't decide if I was a fan of it or not.

It was really busy in the tasting area with hordes of people coming along to sample the six entries and cast their vote. I tried each sausage three times to be certain of my favourite, I did however have a feeling I had found it the moment I  tried the pork and nutmeg sausage by Icarus Hines and my vote went to them. We decided to return again later at 4pm when the winners were going to be announced. Time flew by though and we were distracted by the cocktail menu at The Birdcage which resulted in us missing the winners being announced. I did discover though that Icarus Hines had won the public vote and the judging panel had chosen Bradwell Butchery as their winner. It was quite hectic at times trying to get to those free samples, it reminded me of being at the reduced section of the supermarket where everyone is trying to stake their claim. It was well worth it though and a real reminder of just how popular the humble sausage is. Well done to everyone that took part and everyone that came along to cast their vote, I can't wait to return again next year!

The Fry Up Inspector

Monday, 8 September 2014

Bare Minerals With Our New Beauty Expert

It's Monday, we totally have the Monday blues, but to brighten up your day we bring you the first post from our new beauty expert Holly. Holly is an absolute babe and knows all there is to know about beautifying yourself, keep your eyes peeled to read more from her or pop into the Bare Minerals counter in Debenhams for some expert advice in person! 

Bare Minerals Blogger event and Bare Skin Launch
Last Thursday myself and my team at Bare Minerals hosted our first in store blogger event in Debenhams to celebrate the long awaited and much anticipated launch of our first ever liquid foundation Bare Skin, I invited along the ‘Life in a Fine City’ duo and we decided there that you lovely readers may as well have it straight from the horse’s mouth!

 For those that don’t know what Bare Minerals does our makeup is all mineral and our products started in powder form!  Our iconic amazing original foundation and industry bestseller is a little pot of powder which has just 5 ingredients and they are all minerals! It was our first ever product and originated in 1976 so you can all imagine how excited we are to see what the liquid has to offer as it’s been in formulation for over 20 years trying to get it perfect. The brand message and ethos is all about wearing makeup that looks great but acts like skincare- so it’s doing good, whilst looking good and Leslie Blodgett the company founder didn’t wanna compromise that and was prepared to do all that it takes and wait as long as it takes to get the result from the liquid! So it’s here and oh how much we love it!

With a super silky liquid texture the foundation has a light to medium buildable coverage and by using our AMAZING new perfecting face brush and the new motto ‘shake, drop, buff’ it will give you a flawless radiant finish. You shake it up to mix the formula as it’s free from oil, emulsifiers and binders unlike other liquids and enriched with some amazing ingredients to look after your skin so you don’t have to work as hard!! Vitamin C which has amazing damage reversing powers on pigmentation, sun damage and dark spots, Titanium Dioxide which is a power natural sunscreen with protection against UVA/UVB rays at spf20 and Lilac Plant Stem Cells to fight off free radicals and environmental stresses, along with the coconut alkanes to make it fluid, the jojoba esters to make it silky and sodium hyaluronate which is a moisture magnet to help those pesky dry areas! All free from synthetics, parabens and artificial additives! What’s not to love!

On top of all this amazement we have a selection of 20 shades so no one should have to miss out!! If this sounds right up your street come and visit me or one of my lovely team in Debenhams and have a Bare Minerals make under with us and try a few products, so we can tailor it just for you or just come and say hi!!



Saturday, 6 September 2014

'Get Walls' Continued...

You might have read our post about the Moosey Art and SHhhh Get Walls' campaign...well they got one, a big one! The grim and grey Barrack St wall on Ketts Hill roundabout is now bright and beautiful. I went down Thursday to check on progress and lend a hand.
The work was carried out by world renowned artists The Toasters, with permission from Norwich City Council. The Toasters have been around since 1999 before street art was even called street art, they began with simple stickers and stencils and have progressed to abstract versions like the one you can see in our fine city.

signature toasters

This work is a big deal for Norwich, not only is it brightening up a dull area but it brings us acclaim, we are lucky to have such a great mural. Frazer Bailey of Moosey Art and Sam Harrons of SHhhh hope to get more walls and make Norwich as exciting as places like Bristol and London in terms of street art. 
We had plenty of positive feedback as we were working which was great to hear, I hope people are lifted by the colour and vibrancy as they walk or drive past. It took three days to complete and I thoroughly enjoyed helping, I feel like this is a big step in the right direction in terms of art for Norwich. Go check this beast of a mural out if you haven't already, it's hard to miss!

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