Saturday, 6 September 2014

'Get Walls' Continued...

You might have read our post about the Moosey Art and SHhhh Get Walls' campaign...well they got one, a big one! The grim and grey Barrack St wall on Ketts Hill roundabout is now bright and beautiful. I went down Thursday to check on progress and lend a hand.
The work was carried out by world renowned artists The Toasters, with permission from Norwich City Council. The Toasters have been around since 1999 before street art was even called street art, they began with simple stickers and stencils and have progressed to abstract versions like the one you can see in our fine city.

signature toasters

This work is a big deal for Norwich, not only is it brightening up a dull area but it brings us acclaim, we are lucky to have such a great mural. Frazer Bailey of Moosey Art and Sam Harrons of SHhhh hope to get more walls and make Norwich as exciting as places like Bristol and London in terms of street art. 
We had plenty of positive feedback as we were working which was great to hear, I hope people are lifted by the colour and vibrancy as they walk or drive past. It took three days to complete and I thoroughly enjoyed helping, I feel like this is a big step in the right direction in terms of art for Norwich. Go check this beast of a mural out if you haven't already, it's hard to miss!


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