Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Jo Malone at Jarrolds

I decided to write my second beauty post about something which I LOVE, and can be found exclusively in the department store Jarrolds located here in Norwich, so very in keeping with celebrating our local treasures. The Jo Malone boutique, if you’ve never been in I insist you go now, is just the most beautiful place filled with such chic fittings of cream with black edging and fragrance everywhere you look. Jo Malone is a brand which specialises in scent in all forms from colognes and body products to candles and linen sprays. The world of Jo Malone is timeless and elegant and delectably luxurious and British.

My first job when I was a teenager was as a Sunday girl on Fine Fragrance, so selecting the perfect smell is something close to home. Whether you know what you're looking for or not Jo Malone are there to help you find out. As cliché as it may sound a scent is so personal and can remind you in a second of something or someone so clearly when it hits your nose. I booked my friend and me in for an appointment as she was looking for something particular that had spice and body with an ethnic feel to remind her of her travels in Asia. On arriving we were welcomed and promptly seated and supplied with glasses of champagne (lovely old job), we were looked after by the lovely Jess who has been there from day one.

She asked Gema questions to determine what kind of fragrance she was looking for and decided that what she had described suited their intense range better which is a smaller line of heavier fragrances that all come in black bottles, she laid all the bottles out and with the labels facing away and let her smell each one to eliminate the ones she didn't like, after narrowing it down to two she liked best; Jess began the scent layering, from a body scrub, into a shower gel and then a lotion all applied in a pampering massage, she selected notes in the body products that would complement the final spritz of cologne and then with one fragrance on each arm she was left to pick her favourite as the decider to treat herself to. The process was repeated for me with two from the classic line that I would highly recommend Pomegranate Noir (one of their lush candle fragrances too) on the body then layered with my absolute obsession Peony and Blush Suede.

What an amazing way to invoke the senses... such a sensory experience to create a bespoke combination chosen by you. There is something just so unique about this experience from this beautiful brand. If you are struggling for a gift for someone or just feel like treating yourself, Jo Malone will not disappoint. From getting that perfect fragrance for a wedding day or just fancying something new, there’s over 360 scent combinations you can make so no one can fail to feel unique! Jo Malone is all unisex too, so guy's you don't have to miss out! The fragrances transform from person to person. Even if you just poke your head in for a nose or a squirt of something I highly recommend paying them a visit.

-Love Holly xx  

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