Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Kofra Espresso Bar

If there is one thing I love that is a great coffee, I would go as far to say LIAFC (on my part anyway [Amber]) is fuelled by coffee. I've been saying for ages how I wanted to start reviewing the cities best coffee houses, and lets face facts Norwich is bursting at the seams with coffee shops it seems to be the foundation of where we socialise, casually work or spend some time reading or thinking things through on our own. There are a few I am particularly looking forward to trying and the first one on my list is Kofra. I regularly drive past Kofra and am always interested but don't usually have the necessity to stop, until now! My initial thoughts were great branding, it has that cool independant vibe that so many coffee shops get wrong. So here goes, my quest for the best coffee begins...

4 Unthank Road

Norwich, Norfolk


We arrived early on a Saturday morning and decided on the Clever Filter which was £3.50 for 2 (bargain) we paid using Droplet then sat down, the pastries we ordered were brought over whilst we waited for the Clever Filter to do its stuff... 

It was made using the 'roast of the week' Ethiopia Yiracheffe Natural, it was explained to us the difference between normal coffee and the natural beans, it is clear that the guys at Kofra are passionate about the coffee they serve and we love that! We were offered something different if we didn't enjoy the natural but it is safe to say we loved it! I could have guzzled it down like water and it certainly set me up for the day ahead. 

Great place, Great coffee run by people passionate about what they do, What more could you want? We will definitely be back soon, thanks Kofra!


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  1. Yes, you are right; I discovered Kofra on July and it is become my Friday morning café since then. Jóse makes an incredible coffee!


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