Friday, 24 October 2014

Moosey Art - Art in My Mouth 2

Last years 'Art in my Mouth' show was a blinder and this year is even better, the private view was tonnes of fun, with live drawing, wheat pasting and goody bags from Dogfish and Sevenwolves. 
There are some really big names exhibiting, plus lots of lovely local artists too, it's great to see all the different styles and variations of urban art.
You'll recognise the Toasters works as they beautifully emulate the Barrack St mural, so if you don't live opposite it and fancy snagging a smaller version for your very own wall, you can!

All Type No Face
Gnasher, Box Head and Scoot

Arrex came from the U.S.A to paste live last night, he had plenty of stickers with him and I spotted them all over the city today! Gnasher has struck again with another amazing portrait on the outside of Stew Gallery. One of my favourite artists Benjamin Murphy, who draws using electrical tape has several works in the show, including a collaboration with Millo.

Benjamin Murphy
Murphy x Millo
Pure Evil

My favourite piece in the show was 'David Lynch's Nightmare (Laura Palmer, Twin Peaks) by Pure Evil, partly because of my current Twin Peaks addiction and partly because it's just awesome! The image of Laura Palmer prom queen is haunting enough but Pure Evil has taken it to another level with his simple stencil and spray piece. 
Stew Gallery is on Fishergate and the exhibit is open from 11am every day until Thursday 30th. Get down there, Frazer will be happy to chat with you about anything, don't forget to let us know your favourites from the show.




  1. Thanks for the kind words, email me an address and I'll send you a free print

  2. Great show, check out the video here:

  3. Was it you who did the interview with RxSkulls? If so thanks! Video here


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