Thursday, 9 October 2014

Norfolk Sloe Company - Black Shuck

Norwich Cocktail Week is in full swing and on Tuesday we got invited to a Gin tasting session in The Underbelly of The Rumsey Wells. 

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We settled in with a 'Gin Sour' and Patrick started to tell us about the business; The Norfolk Sloe Company is a family run business, they started 3 years ago with their first batch of 'Sloe Gin' which quickly sold out. All fruit is sourced locally in Norfolk so you are at the perils of Mother Nature and when one year was not so 'fruitful' for sloes they decided to move onto other fruits and now the Norfolk Sloe Family consists of

Sloe gin which at 27% is a true Sloe gin
Raspberry Liqueur - made with Vodka
Plum Liqueur - made with Brandy
Blackcurrent -made with Dark Rum 
and soon to available Damson - made with Port 

We had a taster of these throughout the session and they were all delicious, I favoured the Blackcurrent which tasted just like grown up Ribena! 

We asked what happened to the fruit once it had served its use making the Liqueurs... 

The Sloe's are made into dark chocolate truffles (boozy chocolate what more could a girl want?)

The Plum's and Blackcurrent's are made into chutneys by Candy's Chutney's 

with exciting plans for the Damsons in the near future! 

A great range of product's using the best locally sourced ingredients, clearly not just us who thinks this as they won the coveted Great Taste 3 star award this year. Definitely one to watch! 

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