Friday, 7 November 2014

Our Fine Market

Norwich has had a market in the same spot for over 900 years, that's pretty remarkable really. I went to speak to stall holders about the market and what it means to them, recently there has been talk of losing it as stalls stand empty and I wanted to investigate, we simply can't lose it!

There's everything you expect on the market, fruit and veg, great cheese, excellent locally sourced meats, lots of lovely vintage stalls.. and some things you don't. Make Some Noise is a fairly new stall (for a 900 year old market anyway) they offer musical equipment for sale, repair, swap or hire, as well as events etc. We chatted a bit about the cost of the stalls; which are very reasonable, this has allowed Mr.Bushell to become a business owner, he sees his stall as a stepping stone to having his own premises.

Other newcomers include Cupcake and Co, we have mentioned how great these guys are before but we love how they have transformed their stall into a little patch of beauty. The cakes are all splendid looking AND delicious, it's so hard to choose (take kids at your peril).
Artisan bread company Bread Source have a stall opposite and I couldn't resist an award winning baguette, they smelt amazing and I can confirm they taste amazing too! They said the market offers a more personal shopping experience, sellers can get to know their customers, and they like that.
The market is a community place, a place to make friends and meet people. It would be great to get some younger people involved, maybe with pop up stalls or school projects. The stalls could also be used as workshops, it would be great to see potters and painters etc working, and be able to chat to them and be inspired.
We need to be proud of our historic market and use it, even one trip a week to get something you'd usually buy at a supermarket would make a big difference to local businesses and our city.



Saturday, 1 November 2014

Kieran Harper - Kinsu

I went to visit Kieran Harper in his studio after seeing his website and the amazing bags he makes there, his company is called Kinsu. Harper makes beautiful and innovative bags as you will see on his website, he also custom makes anything you want from aprons to work belts. The bags are tough and durable and made to meet any needs, he tells me how he strapped a bike frame to one of his bags and rode home on his bike, now that's a sturdy bag! The branding is perfect, simple and sleek. His products are such high quality and I'm amazed at how effortless he makes the whole process seem, there's a slick video on his website which is well worth a look.

I caught him mid product shoot

Harper is also an accomplished artist and barista and forms part of the uber cool 'Unit 15' crew. Their studio is an inspiring place full of talented young artists and photographers, I could literally spend all my time there if they'd let me! I see a bright future for Harper and the rest of the crew, and we should be proud of our thriving art scene.

Harper's studio space 
inspiration station


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