Saturday, 1 November 2014

Kieran Harper - Kinsu

I went to visit Kieran Harper in his studio after seeing his website and the amazing bags he makes there, his company is called Kinsu. Harper makes beautiful and innovative bags as you will see on his website, he also custom makes anything you want from aprons to work belts. The bags are tough and durable and made to meet any needs, he tells me how he strapped a bike frame to one of his bags and rode home on his bike, now that's a sturdy bag! The branding is perfect, simple and sleek. His products are such high quality and I'm amazed at how effortless he makes the whole process seem, there's a slick video on his website which is well worth a look.

I caught him mid product shoot

Harper is also an accomplished artist and barista and forms part of the uber cool 'Unit 15' crew. Their studio is an inspiring place full of talented young artists and photographers, I could literally spend all my time there if they'd let me! I see a bright future for Harper and the rest of the crew, and we should be proud of our thriving art scene.

Harper's studio space 
inspiration station



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