Friday, 4 December 2015

Ileana Hunter

Ileana Hunter is another local artist with incredible talent, the veritable Queen of graphite! I'm stunned by how little pencil goes on the paper to create such stunning portraits, her minimalist style uses negative space and shadow to make up features, it's more about what isn't there than what is. Ileana is originally from Romania, she calls Norwich her adoptive city and she loves it, she thinks there's no better place to raise her kids, and we couldn't agree more! We are also super proud to call her one of our own.
Her celebrity portraits have got her global attention and she is revered by many, her Facebook page has over two hundred and thirty-two THOUSAND likes and her Deviant art page is full to the brim of comments from admirers. Ileana works from photographs as well as life, her progress shots show just how true to the original pictures her drawings are, it's a marvel to see! She sells prints of her drawings as well as originals at her Etsy shop (linked of course), she's also open to commission work and custom prints, so if you were looking for a particularly special gift...we should have told you about this before Valentines Day I know!
I can't really say much more about Ileana, her work speaks for itself, enjoy the drawings and let us know what you think.


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