Friday, 4 December 2015

Jamie's Italian

I thought my girls might enjoy a dinner at Jamie's so after drama class we headed to the beautiful Royal Arcade, Langley's was shut much to their disappointment and my relief. Jamie's has been there for three years now, and I feel a tad ashamed this was my first visit, doesn't time fly! The restaurant is sprawling, with comfy nooks and cosy booths, upstairs is a more open space with tonnes of tables and chairs in the middle and more intimate seating on the edges. We were seated in the middle and introduced to our waitress Lisa, who was adorable.
I had to try 'The Worlds Best Olives' as that is quite an accolade, I then had a scope about at the features as I waited for this to arrive. The place is stunning, the art nouveau theme from the arcade is carried through with William Morris wallpaper and stained glass. I really enjoyed the setting, I like the early 1900's era, everything was grand and opulent, and I have to say so were my olives! Set on ice in a chalice with tapenade and crisp bread, it looked incredible and tasted it too, the tapenade was the best I've had. I have to warn you as the lighting is dimmed in the evenings my photos are not the best, at all.
The kids found it easy to order with a slide projector of the meals given on arrival, organic salmon fingers for Laila and pasta for Tegan. I asked about vegan options as I could only see a salad as a possibility, I was offered their gold card pea risotto, it was a yes from me. The kids portions were quite small, Tegan's was finished in minutes. Laila's looked great on a board with new potatoes, both kids meals came with a shake-me salad..which I ate. My risotto was really great, light, fresh and well seasoned. Ice cream for afters is very reasonable for the kids at 50p a scoop and comes with flags, so that went down well! All in all a nice experience, the kids loved the food and I loved the decor, not a bad night really.


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