Friday, 4 December 2015

Norwich Lanes Tattoo Guide

Here at Life in a Fine City HQ we ladies know two things very well, Norwich and tattoos.  Here’s our guide to getting a tattoo in The Norwich Lanes: first and foremost DO YOUR RESEARCH, a tattoo is on you for life (unless you pay loads more than it cost you in the first place to remove it with very hot ouchy lasers). There are so many studios in Norwich, we understand this can be daunting, so here is our advice on where to go for what.
So let’s start with Rag and Bone, a lively bright studio above Philip Browne menswear, with four full time staff. Old master Wink Evans can pretty much do anything, he is an incredibly talented artist, expect a waiting list, good things come to those who wait remember. His speciality is super bold traditional with his own spin and the thickest of lines, also anything weed related.
Brad Ward has a darker style and is happy doing anything from his ravaged mind, like creepy dolls, devils, or lonely hearts. He has a lot of stuff drawn up ready so if you’re not entirely sure what you want this can be a plus. Also full time in the studio is Winks twin brother Rich aka Dicky, he is particularly keen to work on Russian criminal tattoos, super old school traditional, perverse cartoons or anything from the 90’s.

Indigo Tattoo and Body piercing is just around the corner on Lower Goat lane it’s a well-established parlour with piercing available every day and also a team of four full time tattooists. Owned by Gema who helps put on the Norwich Body Art festival each year. Hollie West is the girl to see if you want something cute or chubby! Her ‘Chubba’ girls tattoos have gone down a treat, Amber and I have both collected on of those. She also does cute cacti and food, eek!
If you were after a mandala or a sleeve of dot-work then you’d want to book in with Aston Reynolds, his recent leg sleeve on a client is stunning and makes me jealous I didn’t plan my tattoos better. He also has a rather awesome Cara Delvigne mandala print that is something to behold!  Heather Gee is the lady to see if you want any kind of Polynesian tattoo, her intricate designs take patience by the bucket loads, and Tom Bates does great woodcut inspired black and grey work, that boy has some serious talent.

If you are looking for a more mature place to get tattooed then head to Black Dog Tattoo on St.Benedicts. Here you will find a team of three full time tattooists including Jon, Enzo and Oliver. The owner Jon Longstaff loves a bit of traditional Japanese and Norfolk folklore, I still wear my Norfolk windmill with pride, thanks Jon. Enzo Barbareschi is a master of nouveau trad, it’s traditional with a more romantic edge, think stags heads, birds, flowers and flamboyant ladies. However if you were after a more soulful approach to tattooing then Oliver Whiting can hand poke a tattoo into you, his designs are dainty and detailed and black, always black.

 Factotum Body Modification , are body mods specialists and have three full time tattoo artists, Josh Fisher who specialises in dot-work, Ballsy who is a master of nouveau traditional and Emma Sailor who can do anything, I love her beautiful realistic animals. Factotum also have the best laser removal machine in town and are up for any body mod you can think of and scarification. 

So, we hope this gets you thinking about researching and finding the right artist for you. There are many more tattoo shops in Norwich this is merely the tip of the iceberg, we could even be..without joking be the tattoo capital of England!

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