Friday, 4 December 2015

Platform 12

I noticed a new venue opening on St.Benedicts street and took the opportunity Saturday night to check it out, for a relatively new place it was certainly very popular already. I was happy to see lots of tables and chairs for grown ups, not a cube or crate in sight! The lovely decor is complimented by the piano player in the window, tres sophisticated. I ordered "something exciting please" and was given a beautiful gin with a 'Fever Tree' tonic water, I think a Martini is in order next time though.

This is a place for good conversation, it's mature, spacious, light, and comfortable. I went back in today to re-take my pictures, not just because they were all blurry from Saturday night (oops), but also because it was so busy then. There are comfy nooks with cute sofas and book shelved platforms, lots of places to relax, I'm sure you'll find your favourite spot. The owners, who are delightful, said they wanted to create a place where they would like to drink, and I have to say it's just what Norwich needed.


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