Friday, 4 December 2015

Ruth's Kitchen

Following on from my training session with Hench Herbivore, and inspired by his vegan diet plan I went in search of a healthy vegan lunch, he had recommended Ruth's Kitchen, so I took my brother along for eats. Ruth (great name) and her husband are delightful and welcoming, I enjoyed chatting to them as we perused the menu, I mentioned vegan and they knew exactly what I could have. I went for a mezze meal, my brother went for a shawarma wrap and we sat down with our tasty Fentinmans beverages.
The restaurant is spacious and bright, it's a relatively new place and I think they could benefit from some art on the walls so any artists looking to display work I suggest you get in touch. There are plenty of benches to choose from whether you're waiting for your take out or sitting down to eat as we were.
The food arrived, it looked amazing, the falafel was nestled on a bed of hummus and drizzled with sauce, with lots of pickles and chillies, my favourites. The shawarma wrap looked good too, and at the speed with which it was consumed I gathered it was delicious!
This is a great place to eat a healthy lunch, we saw plenty of people popping in on lunch breaks, Ruth said she thought they would mostly be doing take away but a lot of people choose to stop and eat too. They are really clued up about food intolerance, which is great. I'll definitely be back to chat with them and eat more Jerusalem street food, writing this has made me hungry!


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