Friday, 4 December 2015

Joel Benjamin

Joel Benjamin is originally from Suffolk but he made the awesome decision to reside in our beautiful Norwich, good on ya Joel, he works as a freelance illustrator and his clients include Smash Skates, Monorex, Coca Cola and more recently Vice. His works are mixed media and are composed of pen, watercolour and digital colouring. The finished pieces are effortlessly cool, I loved his 'skate widows at a recent exhibition, he really does make a damn good portrait.
He recently exhibited at The Birdcage Bridge, curated by Alice Lee which featured some of his illustrations for Vice, I love the colours in these new works, and having no black outline makes them really fresh. Joel has completed a few zines himself 'Wolves' and 'Wolves in cars' both of which I own, I picked them up at the last zine fair at The Arts Center. If you'd like to check out more of his work then check out his Instagram @_joelbenjamin_.
Joel's kitten in the underpass has to be one of the most liked down there, nice one Joel!


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