Friday, 4 December 2015

Owen Mathers

Owen Mathers is a real home grown artist, Norfolk born and bred and a graduate from NUA. His illustrations of Norwich life capture the essence of the streets and people in them. Although he may live in London now you can tell his heart stays firmly in our fine city, I do enjoy his sketches of people on the London underground though. Owen clearly likes to work from life, which takes a lot of skill and he succeeds in capturing people and moments with energy, I'd like to see how quickly he can draw. As well as working in pen and paint he is also a skilled graphic designer, do have a look at more of his work on his website as there is so much to see, I particularly like 'posh commuter' and 'middle aged skater and his Mrs'. I love Owens style it makes me want to get a pen out and draw, although I think I'll just leave it to the experts!
You can link directly to his Etsy here.


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