Saturday, 5 December 2015

Macarons & More

It's December, lots of you have your Christmas tree up, the shopping is in full swing and today is support your local independent day so what better time to post about my time at Macarons & More!

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Macarons & More Christmas tasting event last week, hosted by the macaron king Dr Tim Kinnaird. When I arrived (a few minutes fashionably late) the tasting was already in full swing, the shop looking very tastefully festive with glittery baubles, snowflakes and the looking tastiest tree I have seen.

 Now it's no surprise I do love a good macaron and I have never tasted any as good as the ones from here, the tasting event certainly lived up to my expectations, my particular favourites were the Mince Pie which had all the flavour of a mince pie without the weird raisin texture, the Irish Cream macarons also went down a treat; the other seasonal flavours were gingerbread and candy cane (I didn't try these, I did try and show some restraint). As the name suggest there was more on offer than just macarons and I also managed to scoff some stollen cake, orange and cranberry cake, a Funfetti Buche (mousse cake) and the a  glass of the most indulgent hot chocolate I have tried, basically melted chocolate, I did quite literally leave the shop high on sugar.

The hour flew by and I must admit I was a bit sad to leave but my love of macarons well and firmly confirmed.

There is really something for everyone in the shop with chutneys, hot chocs, gourmet popcorn! I know that I am going to be ordering a box of the festive macarons (maybe even 2....)


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