Friday, 11 March 2016

Pandora's Kitchen High Tea

We love Pandora's Kitchen and we're often popping in for one of their famous 'squashage rolls' or one of my favourite lunches the houllumi and roasted veg ciabatta, so when Jeff invited us in to sample their new 'High Tea' clearly we jumped at the chance.

So what is High Tea?

High Tea was originally for those who worked in grand houses and was more hearty than the delicate sandwiches and cakes of Afternoon Tea. The team at Pandora's wanted to offer something a little bit different so opted to add this option to their already extensive and delicious menu.

We arrived and had already spoken to Pandora's about our dietary requirements (Vegetarian/Vegan) we were seated upstairs in a bustling area (you guys love this place as much as us)

Drinks were ordered, tea for me and raspberry lemonade for Ruth. Two cake stands filled with amazing looking food was brought down, Jeff talked us through what was on the plates which all looked so good, I'm pleased to say High Tea delivered on every level, we barely spoke to each other for a good 30 mins except to say how great everything was. Our table attracted quite a lot of attention too with lots of looks and 'ooh that looks good' from other customers.

So what did we eat?

Cheese (lots of)
Vegetable crostini
Delicious fresh bread
Pickles including the BEST piccalilli ever ever ever!!
vegan carrot and lemon cake and
 a salted caramel brownie



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