Monday, 18 April 2016

The Wallow

I'm really excited about writing about The Wallow because I'm now a super fan! Firstly the exterior and interior are both absolutely perfect for the location, finally someone has this building sussed. Inside is inviting and relaxed, there's comfy sofas galore, an open fire upstairs and a cosy romantic space in the basement. 
The thing that really stands out about this place, which is the same thing that when you tell someone their eyes light up with excitement.. is that you can get a top up card for wine...yes wine! You simply add an amount to the card, pop it in one of the many dispensers AND WINE COMES OUT OF IT! Sorry, got excited again. We sat in the window upstairs and had some vege anti pasti: one of a few platters to choose from, I spotted some great looking sandwiches and cakes downstairs too.
To sum up it was a lovely uplifting lunch in the nicest of surroundings on what was a really rainy day, not only that I returned that evening for cocktails and was blown away by whatever the one is that has dried flowers in it (insert heart eyes emoji here). 10/10 for sure.




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