Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Chihuahua Burritos

Fancy a real taste of Mexico? Course ya do, and so do I. Chihuahua Burritos has found itself a permanent home at The Mash Tun on St.Benedicts Street. I went to give the tacos a try and my word what a treat for the taste buds. Freshly made salsa, cubes of roasted sweet potato and crumbly feta lay on top of a beautiful freshly made soft blue corn flour taco. I also tried the smoked paprika chips and they are I can confirm they are best things ever, especially with the made in house ketchup, the slaw is also to die for.
You can order through Deliveroo and eat in the comfort of your own pyjamas...I mean home, or enjoy the beautiful Mash Tun pub with friends and a beer.
I've actually just finished painting a Mexican inspired mural for the lovely Chihuahua guys, I took my time as I got to eat more and more food hehe, hope you like it!


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