Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Dust With Cocoa

I was very excited when there was a knock on the door Friday, it wasn't the postman it was a delivery of 'Posh Brownies' by Dust with Cocoa. What a treat! I couldn't wait to open them, I could already smell how delicious they were through the box. I was't disappointed with how they looked either, two senses nailed...now for the taste...DELICIOUS! My kids agreed they were top notch brownies as they each devoured one in a matter of minutes. Dust With Cocoa not only deliver edible parcels but they make some of the most fantastical wedding cakes I have ever seen, so romantic and down to earth, I've added a few pics below but there are many many more on the website for you to lust over, you can see the passion for baking oozing out of these cakes like the frosting...oh, sorry have I made you peckish?!

all photos from DWC just because they're so beautiful.



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