Friday, 15 July 2016

The Norwich Gift Emporium

I've been meaning to catch up with the guys at The Norwich Gift Emporium for a while now and I was not disappointed when I did, there is literally something for everyone in the cosy Norwich Lanes shop.

I was greeted by Sarah who explained the ethos of the shop was to support and showcase local makers and crafters, herself a local maker (of really cute crotchet cacti) Norwich Gift Emporium gives a platform to sell which wouldn't otherwise be there for independent makers.

Of course I loved the cacti 'Pot Pals' that Sarah makes, I can certainly think of a few people who might get those for Christmas (did I really just say the C word) I also adored the lampshades by Marianna Ley.

Not content with selling, The Norwich Gift Emporium also runs lots of workshops, from Crotchet, Lino Cutting and Doll Making!



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